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Holidays in Aghios Stefanos

Located on the sun-kissed island of Corfu, Agios Stefanos is a spacious beach resort that offers tranquillity but comes is close enough to Corfu Town to liven things up every now and then.

The miles of golden sands are not only perfect for soaking up the Mediterranean heat but the sand is perfect for playing paddleball and volleyball. The shallow waters are great for cooling off and with windsurfing and small craft sailing available, you’re sure to be able to try something new. There are a whole manner of stunning views to take in at this resort, whether it’s the sun setting over the sea or the backdrop of the gentle hills and olive groves in the unspoilt rural valley.

One of the first fishing villages on Corfu Island, there are still only about two hundred locals living here. There are very few signs of the impact of tourism and its natural beauty is very much retained.

Top Resorts of Agios Stefanos


Kassiopi is the biggest village in the northeast part of the island but it still manages to be endearingly quaint. Sporting a picturesque harbour, it’s perfect for watching the world go by. Fishermen bring in their daily hauls which you can then sample in a local restaurant that evening. When you’re done soaking up rays for the day, explore some of the archaeological sites before enjoying a tipple in one of the many bars or tavernas. 


Bordered by lush fields and olive groves, Roda is a quietly charming village famous for its fishing and farming practices. Roda’s main attraction is its 7 km stretch of sand and pebbles met by azure shallow waters, perfect for paddling and swimming. If paddling seems a little too mellow, there’s parasailing, jet-skiing and volleyball for you to try.


Sidari is one of the liveliest destinations on the north coast. No longer a small-time fishing village, this is a huge hotspot for visitors to Agios Stefanos. The huge offering of bars and restaurants on its mains strip will certainly leave you spoiled for choice. Once the hustle and bustle gets too much, there are plenty secluded coves and coastal treks to escape to. The 500-metre stretch of the Blue Flag beach, a beautiful combination of sand and shingle is the perfect relaxing spot. The nearby Megali beach, complete with rock pools, is a must see.

Things to Do in Aghios Stefanos

Exploring Agios Stefanos…


Near Galassos Beach, you can access a legendary Catholic chapel via a seaside path or by boat. Legend says that a fisherman named Stefanos built the chapel in a cave. He was saved from an attack by a giant octopus by praying to Agios Stefanos and vowed to build a small church to show his gratitude. The bijou cave is complete with fresh running water and the chapel helps to form a part of a peculiar yet pretty landscape. If you’re heading to Agios Stefanos in August then this is a must visit as you will be able to attend the Feast of Agios Stefanos where the locals will offer you a drink with local mastic and delicious bites.

Boat Trip to Delos

A boat trip to Delos is highly recommended. Once thought to be the sacred isle of Artemis and Apollo by the ancient Greeks, it is now a magnificent outdoor museum featuring many buildings and statues that are thousands of years old. It also features the Lion Terrace, originally nine beasts guarding the Sacred Lake, the supposed birthplace of Apollo. Delos is definitely worth a day out of your trip and you won’t regret it.

The beaches of Agios Stefanos

Agios Stefanos is famed for its beautiful beaches and the likes of Paradise, Super Paradise, Elia and Paraga are famed for their party atmosphere. The Agios Stefanos beach itself fronts a new harbour and is perfect for both relaxing and coastal walks. The facilities of the beach are brilliant with many water sports on offer as well as numerous tavernas offering brilliant refreshments.

Agios Stefanos food and drink

Cuisine of Corfu

Corfu is well known for its dishes showcasing the influence of the Venetian rule over Greece. Such dishes include Sofrito, veal cooked with vinegar, garlic and parsley; Bourdeto, a peppery fish stew: Pastitsada, a pasta and meat dish; and Biancoa, a white garlicky fish stew. Each of these dishes are considered fine dining by the upper classes of Corfu and considered a must try.

Restaurants of Agios Stefanos

The majority of restaurants in Agios Stefanos offer both inside and outside dining. The tables inside the restaurants can fill up quickly but the outside tables allow you to catch the last of the warm weather whilst marvelling in the stunning views. The waiters will rarely deliver food in the same order as it was placed and dishes will arrive as soon as they ready as the chefs pride themselves on freshness.

Going to Agios Stefanos with easyJet holidays

Does Agios Stefanos sound like the place for you? If so, easyJet holidays are offering brilliant deals on holidays to Agios Stefanos. With a wide range of hotels and flight times to choose from, you’re able to choose the trip that is perfect for you. If you happen to book your flights and accommodation together with easyJet holidays, you will save on cost.

Still not quite decided? Take a look at our other Corfu destination guides for further inspiration.