Paphos Holidays

Romance and history in sunny Cyprus

Beautiful and ancient Paphos has some serious romantic credentials. Not only is it known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, but it also enjoys particularly spectacular sunsets thanks to its position on Cyprus’s southwest corner. Paphos holidays offer two towns in one. Ktima, the old town, sits uphill and inland, while the more recent settlement of Kato Paphos is centred around one of the best harbours on the Med. It may be ‘new’, but Kato Paphos has plenty of history – its Unesco-listed archaeology park is packed with the remains of Roman villas, ancient palaces and tombs, as well as some of the world’s best-preserved Roman mosaics.

You’ll also find streets of boutiques selling local jewellery, ceramics and handmade lace. The city has several beaches, and you can take your pick of restaurants and bars to try tasty ‘meze’ and sweet local wine. There’s even some great nightlife, of a fairly laid-back and stylish variety. Paphos makes a great place for a family holiday, with zoos and a water park. Further afield, holidays to Paphos offer sleepy villages and olive groves in the shadow of Mount Olympus, monasteries, cedar and cypress-covered hillsides, and a chance to see turtle conservation in action.

Three tips for a top trip

Plan your day
The old and new town are not right next door to each other, which means a 25-30 minute walk between them, or a short bus ride.
Head underwater
Paphos’s warm, crystal clear waters (plus a couple of shipwrecks) make it a perfect dive spot. Complete beginners can stroll the seabed on an underwater walking adventure.
See the stage come alive
The ancient Odeon amphitheatre still hosts live music and drama. You can enjoy a performance under the stars, just as Cypriots did thousands of years ago.

Best attractions to see in Paphos

Aphrodite’s rock

The site where Aphrodite is said to have risen from the waters to start her worldly life makes a particularly spectacular backdrop to some incredible sunsets.

Tomb of Kings

An imposing series of caves and sandstone tombs, this fascinating necropolis, resting place of nobility, dates back to the 4th century.

Ancient frescoes

The 12th-century Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery, in the forested mountains just outside Paphos, is home to many impressive frescoes, and produces some equally impressive vintage wine.

Your Paphos questions, answered

Plenty. There are three in Paphos itself, and 27 in the wider region. The blue lagoon is a stunner – you can get there by boat from Paphos harbour.

Very – Paphos airport is just 30 minutes away. Car hire is cheap, or there’s a reliable bus network that will take you out to nearby villages.

Authentic Greek dishes are well worth seeking out. The traditional meze is found everywhere – lots of little dishes of vegetables, seafood and meat that are great for snacks or a full meal.