An eternally alluring city

Enter a riotous world of chic, Vespa-riding locals, mighty ancient monuments, surreally beautiful churches and fantastic pizza and pasta – Rome holidays are simply full of romance and wonder. As the home of the Pope and the Catholic Church, Rome also has some of the world’s finest religious architecture and buildings filled with works by legendary artists like Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Raphael.

Its many glorious museums are crammed full of everything from Greek and Roman treasures to important contemporary art, and, in the centre of the city, vast monuments of ancient Rome still stand as they have done for more than 2,000 years. However, Rome is not just a museum city. It fizzes with life and energy. The sunny climate means that life is generally lived outdoors, and part of the joy of being here is taking an early evening stroll (the famous Italian ‘passeggiata’), before settling down to sip a drink in a piazza.

Rome has great food as well, which includes world-leading pasta, deceptively simple meat and fish dishes, and sizzling thin-crust pizzas, washed down with local wines. From the legendary Colosseum to film-star fountains and intimate restaurants, holidays to Rome will thrill gladiator-loving kids as much as honeymooning couples, and you’ll soon be planning a return visit.

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Exploring Rome

Three tips for a top trip

Explore on foot
Rome’s centre is extremely walkable, with many historic sights and museums concentrated in a small area. The occasional scenic detour is all part of the sightseeing fun.
Get a view from the top
Rome is built across seven hills, so the city has a large number of superb viewpoints around its centre, including at the top of the Spanish Steps.
Stay hydrated
Rome’s ‘nasoni’ (large noses) are drinking-water fountains found all over the city centre. Keep your cool and cut down on plastic by filling up a water bottle as you go.

Best attractions to see in Rome

The Colosseum

Over 2,000 years old, this vast stadium still stands in central Rome. Visit it to see where wild beasts, prisoners and gladiators once fought to provide entertainment for the masses and their emperors.

The Sistine Chapel

In the Vatican Palace, this chapel is most famous for its ceiling, which Michelangelo painted in the 16th century. It is considered one of the world’s finest works of art.

The Trevi Fountain

Rome’s most famous fountain (and the setting of the famous scene in ‘La Dolce Vita’) almost fills a whole piazza. Tradition says that if you throw a coin in over your shoulder, you’ll return to Rome.

Your Rome questions, answered

Consider stopping by one of the city’s exclusive clerical outfitters that dresses everyone up to (and including) the Pope for top-of-the-line socks, belts, gloves and other accessories.

You can see a lot in Rome in a weekend, as there are so many sights concentrated in the historic centre. However, there’s also plenty to occupy you for a week or more.

Dining out in restaurants in Rome is surprisingly affordable, as many of them offer very reasonable set menus. Having pizza is also one of the cheapest ways to fill yourself up.