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November Holidays

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Enter your dates to find your perfect holiday in November. Or, if you’re looking at travelling at a different time you can also explore our holidays in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October or December.

Holidays in November with easyJet holidays

With dozens of destinations across Europe and beyond, why not take a break out of season, well away from the crowds, queues and hassle of high season.

Pack your bags and head off to Barcelona, Budapest or Berlin for a weekend of fun. Expect spellbinding night life, fabulous food, art and architecture. Alternatively, take a week to soak up the atmosphere of Florence, Prague or Paris, when the museums and galleries will be much quieter, so you can examine that Michelangelo or da Vinci at your leisure.

If poolside relaxation is more your thing, head for Ibiza or Tenerife, as neither destination hibernates in winter and with temperatures in the 20s, you can top up your tan with ease. Always wanted to see the aurora of the Northern Lights? November is the perfect month to do it, and with daily flights direct to Reykjavik, you can tick that natural phenomenon off your wish list too.

Oh and did we mention that when visiting out of season, there are even better deals to be had? So go on, what are you waiting for – book your November getaway today. 

November signals the arrival of cooler weather in much of Europe. However, southern destinations like the Canary Islands, Cyprus, and Malta still offer relatively warm temperatures. Alternatively, look to north African destinations like Morocco and Tunisia for hotter weather.