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Credit on account – Terms & Conditions

Credit to your easyJet holidays account - Terms & Conditions


These terms apply strictly to easyJet holiday customers that have chosen to receive credit to their easyJet holidays account (either offered by us in writing or when logged into your easyJet holidays account). If you have not received and accepted an offer of credit, you will not be entitled to receive any credit and these terms will not apply to you.

Summary of Key Terms

  • easyJet holidays credit cannot be exchanged for cash or other monetary refund, either before or after it’s expiry date, but it can be redeemed against a booking during the validity of the credit.
  • Credit not used before its expiry date (12 months after issue) will be lost. 
  • Where credit is used as payment towards a booking, any future refunds related to that booking will be made by way of a further credit refund and not cash (with the further credit being valid for 12 months from the date of issue).
  • The lead person on the booking is responsible for applying/using credit (or transferring the credit to another person named on the original booking).
  • Credit cannot be used towards flight only bookings or extras.
  • easyJet holidays credit on account is not the same as industry Refund Credit Notes*

Terms and conditions
When you made your easyJet holiday booking, we created an online account for you to view your booking. 
The following terms and conditions apply, if you accept an offer from us to receive online credit:
1. Total easyJet holidays account credit is available to spend by the lead named person on the original booking. The credit can be used by the lead person or, with permission from the lead person, any other person named on the original booking. One of the people named on the original booking must travel on the new booking.
2. The easyJet holidays account credit can be used as full payment or part payment towards a new easyJet holidays booking. If the holiday booked using credit costs more than the credit amount you have, you’ll need to pay the difference.
3. The easyJet holidays account credit cannot be used against easyJet flight only bookings or flight extras, car hire or any other services. The credit cannot be used to pay amendment or other charges/fees.
4. The easyJet holidays account credit amount will be displayed on the easyJet holidays account of the lead person. This may take around 30 days from confirmation. When logged into your account at or by clicking
here, a booking can be made and credit redeemed against a new booking. Note, it is not possible to view the credit when logging into the website – you must login via the easyJet holidays section of the website.

5. No cash alternative is available to the easyJet holidays account credit amount. Where credit is used as payment towards a booking, any future refunds related to that booking will have amounts paid by credit refunded in the form of a new credit.

6. The easyJet holidays account credit will automatically expire if it is not used by the expiry date – 12 months from the date of issue (unless you are advised in writing of a different expiry date at the time credit is offered to you). This expiry is the date on which the credit needs to be used, not when the holiday for which it is being used as payment must have taken place.

7. Any improper use (fraudulent or otherwise) of the service and our website to amend a booking, obtain a goodwill gesture or credit on account, may result in the booking being reverted back to the original booking status, any applicable gesture being withdrawn and/or the booking/credit being cancelled with no refund issued.

These terms and conditions are supplementary to our main booking conditions. Those booking conditions continue to apply. We may change or withdraw this offer at any time.
* Please note, easyJet holidays credit on account is not the same as or connected to other forms of travel industry Refund Credit Notes.  If easyJet holidays have to cancel a booking, and if that booking was paid by card/cash, we will always provide the option to receive a refund to the original payment method at the time of cancellation.  However, if credit is offered as an alternative option to a cash refund, or is offered due to a customer’s disinclination to travel, or as part of our Protection Promise ‘Keep your deposit’, the credit will not be exchanged for cash or any other monetary refund at a later time. The terms relating to Refund Credit Notes therefore do not apply to easyJet holidays credit on account.