Mykonos Holidays

A party island with a softer side

The hedonistic reputation of the island of Mykonos precedes it – Mykonos holidays are all about letting your hair down. Prepare to splurge on nearly everything, to have absolutely wild nights and to meet some fascinating people. And unlike other party islands, Mykonos has a properly glamorous side. You’ll find Michelin-starred restaurants, designer boutiques, multi-million dollar yachts bobbing in the harbour and some of the world’s best nightclubs.

It's always been a popular LGBTQ+ destination as well, and there’s a vibe of sensual freedom here that is delightfully unique. Much of the revelry is concentrated in the southern beaches along the coast and in Hora – an adorable cluster of whitewashed houses covered in purple bougainvillea, and cobblestone streets that are crowded with people in the summer.

But away from the wild nights, Mykonos exemplifies the landscape of the Cyclades islands. The land is a scrubby brown and green – and nearly all flat – with sugar-cube houses dotting the landscape. And there’s another, little-known side to holidays to Mykonos – a quiet, agrarian interior, where locals still farm the land, dairy is churned into cheese and butter and you can even find an empty beach or two. This is the side of the island that Mykonians love, and that is inclusive for the whole family.

Three tips for a top trip

Hire a taxi
Instead of drawing straws for a designated driver, hire a reliable taxi driver and plan to have them pick you up at specific hours each night.
Sit at the back
There’s a tiered payment system for lawn chairs in beach bars – the seats set furthest back from the waterfront are always the cheapest, so you can save your cash for nights out.
Plan ahead
You can have a great meal every night in Mykonos – you just need to make reservations well in advance, as everything with a reputation books up a month ahead.

Best attractions to see in Mykonos

Super Paradise

Since the 1970s, the Super Paradise beach and surrounding clubs has been the most reliable party spot on Mykonos, and attracts a mind-bogglingly huge crowd each night.

Mykonos windmills

Perched on the edge of town, these historic windmills are the classic symbols of Mykonos – beat the crowds and visit them early in the morning while the sun comes up.

Delos island

Mykonos is the base for visits to the extraordinary ruins on Delos, an uninhabited island that was the commercial and spiritual centre of ancient Greece.

Your Mykonos questions, answered

The locals joke that the main thoroughfare of Mykonos Town is like a catwalk – pack your sharpest looks, because the fashion competition here is stiff.

Given the number of people who come to Mykonos each summer, it’s not uncommon for the ATMs to run out of cash – take back-up bills and cards.

You certainly can, and it’s good to plan ahead. There are a surprising number of kid-friendly and off-the-beaten path activities in Mykonos, especially if you come off-season.