Santorini Holidays

Romance perched on a volcano

However many postcards or photos you’ve seen of Santorini, nothing can prepare you for the real thing: dramatic, red-layered rock formations rising out of the blue Aegean sea. Santorini holidays are a must for any traveller looking to be blown away by natural beauty. The island was formed during a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago, and the landscape is defined by its geological history. The man-made buildings are just as inspiring –blue-domed houses and churches perched on the caldera’s edge, making up the towns of Oia, Fira and Imerovigli

Thanks to its otherworldly landscape and one-of-a-kind sunsets, Santorini is known as a lover’s paradise. While you could spend all day lounging by the pool soaking up the view with your partner, there’s plenty to do here, too. The rest of the island is full of black and red sand beaches, ancient ruins, traditional villages, contemporary art spaces and some of Greece’s best vineyards. There are also acclaimed restaurants serving local Santorinian cuisine, which you can wash down with wine made from local Assyrtiko grapes. During the day, the whole island is bathed in a pure, warm light that has attracted artists from all over the world, and by night the stars illuminate the white buildings and blue pools. Holidays to Santorini are a truly magical experience for anyone.

Three tips for a top trip

Pack comfy shoes
Santorini’s most beautiful villages, including Fira, Oia and Imerovigli, are pedestrian-only, so walking will play a big part in your holiday. You’ll also want to hike to the volcano’s edge.
Try sweet Visanto
Santorini produces a sweet and unusual desert wine made from sundried grapes, called Vinsanto. It can be aged up to 15 years, and is a must try.
Eat local
Because of its mineral-heavy soil, Santorini produce has a unique taste. The island is particularly famous for its cherry tomatoes, spicy arugula and white aubergine.

Best attractions to see in Santorini

Sunset in Oia

Oia is considered by many to be the most beautiful village in Santorini (maybe all of Greece) – during sundown, the whole place is bathed in a warm, pink glow.

Amoudi Bay

Descend the 300 winding steps from Oia down to Amoudi Bay, a traditional fishing village set in the volcanic cliffs with unparalleled views of the caldera.


This Bronze Age settlement from the Minoans was completely covered in ash during a volcanic eruption about 4,000 years ago that perfectly preserved the town.

Your Santorini questions, answered

Santorini has mild, sunny weather throughout the year, so it will be warm whenever you visit. The quietest time of year is late autumn or early spring.

To make the most of the 35 square-mile island and see as much of it as possible during your stay, it’s recommended that you hire a vehicle.

Santorini is famous for attracting couples who enjoy spending evenings in front of a sunset, but it’s also a fun island for groups of friends or families with older kids.