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Ftelia Holidays

Sorry, this resort is currently unavailable. Please amend your dates or pick a different destination.

Mykonos holidays

Chill out in Mykonos

Back in the 1960s and 70s, laid-back, sun-kissed Mykonos was a renowned haven for travelling hippies. And nowhere on the island has that friendly, chilled-out way of life been better preserved than at Ftelia on the island’s northern coast. The resort is famed for its natural beauty. With turquoise waters, golden sand and dramatic rocky hillsides studded with gleaming-white, sugar-cube homes, Ftelia holidays are tailor-made for folk who want to enjoy the simple pleasures of warm weather, soft sand and a chilled-out atmosphere.

The prevailing Meltemi winds on holidays to Ftelia also make the bay attractive to windsurfers and kitesurfers – having some experience is advised, as there are lots of experts zooming around on the water here. Failing that, savour a long, lazy afternoon relaxing on the beach-bar beanbags, watching the world go by, as the savvy travellers who congregate here have been doing for decades.

Your Ftelia questions, answered

It’s around 600 metres and is divided in the middle by a narrow strip of rock. The western end has more bars, while the eastern end is quieter.
Ftelia is more the kind of place where you have a few drinks at the bar and chat on the beach. For busier nightlife and clubs, take a taxi to Mykonos Town.
This is one of the best beaches in the area for extreme water sports, especially windsurfing and kitesurfing, due to the good onshore winds. Facilities and equipment are available there.

Best things to do in Ftelia

View a settlement

In the middle of Ftelia Beach, you may just be able to make out the remains of a Neolithic settlement, supposedly the resting place of ancient ‘Iliad’ war hero Ajax the Great.

Spot the surfers

Even if you don’t want to make friends with the waves yourself, it’s still great fun to watch the surfing spectacle from the beach with a drink in hand.

Dine in style

As you’d hope for in such a pretty spot, the west end of the beach is well served for upmarket dining, with a relaxed, take-your-time attitude.