Pissouri Holidays

A traditional Cypriot village

It’s not always easy to find ‘the real Cyprus’, but that’s exactly what you’ll get in Pissouri. Pissouri holidays – much like Pissouri life in general – largely centre around the peaceful village, which has a clutch of cafés and shops, and several pretty churches. Much eating, drinking and merriment can be found in Pissouri’s beating heart – the village square. The atmosphere is unhurried and there aren’t crowds of people, and that’s what makes it magical.

Thanks to a good selection of local tavernas, holidays to Pissouri are the perfect place to sample authentic Cypriot cuisine as it’s meant to be served. There’s also an amphitheatre nearby that’s used for theatre shows and concerts if you want a cultural fix. There’s a beautiful beach a couple of miles from the village, which tends to be calm even during high season, and lovers of the outdoors can enjoy the wild coastal scenery on hiking routes. A wonderful place for an authentic break, holidays to Pissouri showcase Cyprus at its finest.

Your Pissouri questions, answered

Thanks to its easygoing vibe, Pissouri is a great place to take children. Restaurants are family-friendly and Pissouri Beach has a Blue Flag and ample facilities.

Pissouri enjoys a typically warm Mediterranean climate, with highs of more than 30°C in the summer months and an average of about 14°C through January and February.

Pissouri’s restaurants offer many authentic Cypriot classics, including ‘meze’ (a selection of small dishes), stuffed aubergine, ‘souvlaki’ (meat skewers), moussaka and lots of fresh seafood dishes.

Best things to do in Pissouri

Try the local tipples

There are lots of vineyards nearby, so try some wine. Another option is a brandy sour, Cyprus’s national cocktail – a heady mix of Cypriot brandy, lemon squash, Angostura bitters and soda.

Lounge on the beach

A place as chilled out as Pissouri could only have a similarly relaxed beach. A mixture of golden sand and pebbles, it’s spacious, calm and rather lovely.

Go scuba diving

The sport is popular in Pissouri, and local dive centres can organise beginners’ courses and trips where you can spot turtles, lionfish and other marine life.