Agios Georgios Holidays

Lounge on the blue flagged beach

Positioned in the North West peninsula of Corfu, Agios Georgios North, provides a relaxing break set against a backdrop of olive groves, green-topped headlands and some of the best beaches in Corfu. 

Agios Georgios North is a leisurely, quieter resort providing the opportunity to unwind and enjoy the stunning scenery at your leisure. The town’s crescent shaped beach, with its blue flags for high standards, means you’ll be basking on glorious sands. Here, you can relax, build the biggest sand castles or take a swim in the crystal-clear waters. There are further beaches, coves and bays to discover all along this pretty coastline. 

The mountainous terrain provides ample opportunity to walk or hire a bike and take in the terrific panoramas. Or if that’s a bit extreme, the bars and restaurants will gladly serve you serve some tempting local cuisine. 

All your questions, answered

Agios Georgios North is a delightful resort. Spring is comfortable, summer is searing and autumn, on average, is very pleasant. Winter, however, can be cooler.

The accent in the resort is on a gentler way of life with restaurants and bars offering authentic cuisine. Sidari, a taxi ride away, is livelier.

Families, sun worshippers and those seeking a stress-free environment will all enjoy the charms that Agios Georgios North provides.

Best things to do

Dip in the clear waters

The area is famed for its azure waters enhancing the opportunity to snorkel and see the world under the surf.

Get your flippers on

For an opportunity to get closer to the sea life, take a diving course locally and see the wondrous, colourful world under the lapping sea.

Be a sun worshipper

The blue flagged beach offers a perfect environment to bask on a mix of sand and shingle. Hop on a sunbed and watch the world.