Corfu Town Holidays

A hotspot for culture and cuisine

The beating heart of Corfu is Corfu Town, the island’s capital and a Unesco World Heritage site that is rich in architecture, monuments and museums. Dating to the 8th century BC, Corfu Town has the look and feel of a northern Italian town – it was ruled by the Venetians for centuries. Anyone interested in art or culture will have particularly amazing Corfu Town holidays, given the number of sites there are to see here. With so much sightseeing, you’ll need to keep your energy levels up.

Luckily, Corfu Town is home to some of the island’s best restaurants, serving classic Corfiot dishes such as fish stew, braised rabbit, and cinnamon-dusted rice pudding. In the evenings, try out the tiny bars and local venues where musicians play traditional music, or resume your strolling – with the stars twinkling overhead, holidays to Corfu Town can be impossibly romantic.

Your Corfu Town questions, answered

Corfu Town is best explored on foot, as most of the streets are pedestrian-only. For trips outside of town, the local bus is easy and affordable.

The weather is mild, even in winter, and a bustling student population keeps the bars constantly lively, so Corfu Town is truly a year-round destination.

For authentic Corfiot dishes, let the good restaurants guide you – but look out for ‘pastitsada’ (gently spiced veal or chicken), moussaka or ‘bourdeto’ – fish cooked in a tomato sauce.

Best things to do in Corfu Town

Walk through the Old Town

Duck under marble arcades, walk across cobblestone streets, turn into impossibly narrow alleyways and marvel at the pastel-colour façades of Corfu Town’s most beautiful neighbourhood.

Get a caffiene hit

Coffee culture is a serious thing in Greece – head to Spianada Square (it’s the largest in Greece) to drink espresso at an outdoor café like a local.

Light a candle

Corfu has a deep Orthodox tradition, and houses dozens of intricately detailed churches. Light a beeswax candle at the Agios Spyridon church and admire the Byzantine frescoes.