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A lively seaside spot

Ah, Kavos – you’ll probably hear it before you see it. This southeast seaside village near Lefkimi has a reputation as Corfu’s party hotspot, attracting would-be bacchanalians from across Europe. For dancing, DJing and cocktails at sunset, Kavos holidays definitely do not disappoint. Days here are spent lounging on the sand and shingle beach, where you’ll head to cool beach bars with all your new friends.

As the sun goes down, the partying cranks up a notch, with clubs hosting international DJ acts who play until the early hours of the morning. Aside from the beach, life focuses around ‘the strip,’ the town’s main drag where you’ll find bars, restaurants and many more clubs. Whether you want to spend your time lazing on the beach or stay up all night enjoying the vibrant nightlife, holidays to Kavos offer good times all round.

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Your Kavos questions, answered

Tiny Paxos island is closer to Kavos than you may think. Rent a boat for the day to visit this pretty destination – and come back in time for the partying.
Most of the clubs in Kavos have themed nights, so you’ll want to pack several fancy-dress outfits for the evening – check their websites before filling your suitcase.
If you’re looking to join the party, the best time to go is from the beginning of June until late August. This is when the international DJs hit town and the daily party boats are in full swing. The months before and after are quieter and sun-seekers can still take advantage of fine weather and warm seas. If you're after a bargain holiday, you could come here in the winter months. Many of the hotels and bars close but those that do stay open frequently offer excellent discounts.
Given its non-stop nightlife and excellent music, Kavos is most popular with social holidaymakers who are keen to bar and club hop when they’re not chilling out at the beach.
The beach in Kavos itself is a party capital but head just a few miles away and you have quieter options such as Arkoudilas Beach. There are beaches within half an hour that are perfect for families, others that offer secluded hideaways, and more that are good for water sports. You can hire a boat from Kavos to nearby Paxos island where you’ll find vast sweeps of turquoise bays lined with golden sand.
Kavos isn’t necessarily what you’d choose if going to Corfu with your family. The town and beach are taken over by partygoers who come here to drink and dance day and night. However, it would be a good choice outside of the busy summer months, before the DJs and masses arrive. The beach is beautiful and safe for swimming, and you have water sports that kids can enjoy. Hire a car and you’ll be able to tour the other nearby beaches set up for families. Corfu Town is only an hour by car and would make a good day trip.
It’s known the world over for its nightlife. People come here expressly for the party – many probably don’t even take in the stunning setting of the golden sand beach. You can expect to find top DJs in the clubs and a mix of partygoers day and night for company. The bars spill over onto the beach and you can take up residence on a huge day bed that comes with eager restaurant service and masseuses. Expect to find pool parties and booze cruises on the menu.
Kavos is a relatively small, very walkable town so it doesn’t really matter where you stay. You may want to be closer to the beach or be happy to be on the edge of town where you might not hear the thumping music in the early hours of the morning. Stay near the strip if you want to be close to the action. Hotels here range from cheap and cheerful to full-on decadent luxury; you’re sure to find something to suit your style.
While Kavos itself is all about the party, you’re not that far from Corfu Town – and that means you’re close to many archaeological sites and historic architecture. Once a small medieval town, it’s now a maze of winding streets and panoramic viewpoints. The buildings are unique blends of Venetian, British, Portuguese and Greek influences, each street different to the next. You'll discover monasteries, castles and fortresses around the island. The archaeological museum in Corfu Town is a good starting point to learn about the history of the island, a place inhabited since the Stone Age when it was still a part of the mainland.

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