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A historic Bavarian wonderland

Known across the world for its Oktoberfest celebrations, the capital of Bavaria is steeped in centuries of history. Munich holidays certainly have so much more to offer than this impressive annual gathering of revellers and beer lovers. Many writers and composers once called the city their home. In fact, after visiting, writer Ernest Hemingway quipped, “Munich is the best place. Everything else is a waste of time in Germany.” He may have been being flippant, but Munich really will steal your heart. From its bustling squares to its magnificent churches, Munich celebrates its past, having conserved and rebuilt most of its destroyed architecture in the original style.

The towering Frauenkirche (church used as a cathedral) and the Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall) define the skyline with their neo-Gothic features. The impressive art collection at the Kunstareal museum recalls Bavaria’s royal days, while the BMW museum is a nod to the wealthy city’s booming industrial side. The shops in Munich are some of the best nationwide and it has a stellar Christmas market. Dining is also unconventional in this German region. Breakfast can include ‘Weisswurst’ (white sausages) and local wheat beer, while beer gardens and halls serve Bavarian staples around large communal tables. Holidays to Munich offer the perfect way to experience the best of Bavaria.

All resorts in Munich

Three tips for a top trip

Buy a day passWhen arriving from the airport, it’s wise to buy a day pass for the entire public transport network (called Gesamtnetz). This will avoid hassle and save you money.
Get free waterFountains around the city flow with crystalline water straight from the Bavarian Alps, so bring a water bottle and fill up with ice-cold, thirst-quenching, free hydration.
Try some liver cheeseIt’s neither liver nor cheese, despite that being its direct translation, but ‘Leberkässemmel’ is a famous Munich snack of baked ground meat in a roll with spicy mustard.

Best attractions to see in Munich

Oktoberfest crowds

Starting in September and running into October, huge crowds of revellers enjoy multiple taps of beer and a vast range of ‘wurst’ (sausage). Join in or just watch the fun.

Cultural artefacts

The Kunstareal (museum quarter) has it all, from classical paintings and Greek sculpture to Impressionist works and contemporary artists across 18 museums and more than 40 galleries.

Surfer dudes

Surprisingly, Munich features a popular area for surfing on the man-made Eisbach River in the Englischer Garten (park). Even if you don’t fancy it, it makes for a popular spectacle.

Your Munich questions, answered

Climb 86 steps to the elevator in order to ascend the south tower of the Frauenkirche, which many say looks like a giant beer stein (rather fitting for Munich).

While locals do sometimes wear traditional outfits, such as lederhosen, outside of Oktoberfest, you’ll be fine with casual clothes. Although bring a few layers, as the weather can change rapidly.

Munich features plenty of world-class alpine hiking trails, less than an hour away by train. Once there, seek out the rest stops, called ‘almhütte’, for a beer or two.


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