Kefalonia Holidays

A rugged Greek island

Prepare to be wowed. Kefalonia, the largest of the Ionian Islands in Greece, is home to some of the world’s most spectacular scenery. On Kefalonia holidays you can expect to wonder at towering mountains and national parks filled with wild goats and horses and dramatic bays lapped by crystal-clear waters. And you can spend your days exploring historic harbour towns packed with mesmerising architecture.

Holidays to Kefalonia offer adventure as well as relaxation. Whether it’s hiking off the beaten track, taking a Jeep safari through the island’s rugged and remote interior or hiring a small boat to discover peaceful hidden bays and empty beaches, Kefalonia’s natural beauty always takes centre stage. Beach lovers will be pleased too, as there are many to choose from – long bar-lined sweeps and smaller sandy curves set away from the crowds, as well as plenty of family-friendly options in the resort towns of the south.

Part of the charm of holidays to Kefalonia is the slow-paced atmosphere and rustic surrounds. Evenings mostly centre around meals of freshly caught seafood, plates piled high with pasta and generous glasses of local Robola wine – enjoyed at a leisurely pace at the water’s edge in one of its pretty towns. With sensational seaside vistas and wild natural beauty, Kefalonia has to be seen to be believed.

Three tips for a top trip

Hire a car
Kefalonia is all about exploring, so be sure to hire a car to allow you to venture to its furthest corners, remote mountain villages and hidden beaches.
Try the local cheeses
Be sure to sample Kefalonia’s excellent local cheeses, which include ricotta-like mizithra and kefalotyri, a hard cheese made from either sheep or goat’s milk.
Go boating
One of the most thrilling ways to see the island is on a tiny private motor boat. You can hire them for the day in Fiscardo, and drop anchor wherever you fancy.

Best attractions to see in Kefalonia

Myrtos Beach

It looks gorgeous from sea level, but the view from the switchback road leading down to Myrtos Beach is one of the best in the country.

Melissani Cave

This subterranean cave gets flooded with light from a large hole above. Clamber into a rowing boat to see the spectacular pool of turquoise water up close.


Assos is a picture-perfect sleepy seaside village on Kefalonia’s west coast. Marvel at its 16th-century church then take a stroll along its sandy beach at sunset.

Your Kefalonia questions, answered

Hiking in the national park, sea kayaking along the coast and sunbathing to your heart’s content on one of Kefalonia’s many beaches are just a few of the highlights.

Things get wonderfully warm in the summer months (don’t worry, there are plenty of places to cool off), while springtime is slightly cooler, making it ideal for hikers and cyclists.

Just about everyone. Adventurous beach lovers will enjoy discovering its wilder spots by car, while the relaxed and friendly south coast is a good choice for families.