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Holidays in La Palma


Departing from

Perfect for relaxation, the ‘quiet Canary Island’ of La Palma offers a more chilled, but equally sun-soaked holiday destination to the other islands.

Peace and quiet, that’s what you get on this little island. The 316 square miles of stunning landscapes are mostly untouched by tourism on La Palma. Just picture it, no big crowds, just a beautiful island for you to enjoy at your own pace. La Palma’s blend of beautiful towns and rolling landscapes have made it into a UNESCO biosphere. If your dream holiday is equal parts exploration and relaxation, then you’ll be at home on a La Palma holiday where you can spend half your time on the beach and the other half trekking through quiet sleepy towns.

La Palma weather is, as with the entire Canary Islands, fantastic year round – making it ideal for Summer holidays and Winter sun escapes. Visit between June and August for 30°C temperatures, ideal for soaking up some rays and topping up the tan. La Palma’s winter weather stays sunny, without beating down, making the cooler season perfect for hiking and exploring the island.

Speaking of hiking, remember to pack your boots. The Parc Nacional de la Caldera de Taburiente is 46 square-km of pristine nature reserve. The lively green forests, fresh springs and waterfalls of the area are all ripe for exploration. As you head further south you’ll hit tougher terrain. The trails stretch around volcanic craters and might not be as traditionally stunning as La Palma’s pine forests – but they do embody the Canaries otherworldly beauty.

Top La Palma Resorts

Santa Cruz de La Palma

The capital of La Palma, you’ll love it if you enjoy laid-back holiday vibes. A wander down the narrow streets sees you immersed in family-run businesses that have been around as long as Santa Cruz de la Palma has. If you just need a little tanning time, there’s always room on the long, open beach for a towel or two.

Puerto Naos

Puerto Naos is one of the more popular resorts on La Palma’s west coast, and it’s easy to see why. The crescent shaped sandy beach has amazing black sand, which becomes even more so when you watch the amazing sunsets as the sun sinks into the ocean. It’s a guaranteed hit with any romantics.

Los Cancajos

A little larger and little busier than Puerto Naos, Los Cancajos is found on La Palma’s east coast. In this seaside town, the promenade is decked out with restaurants overlooking the clear waters. And you’d be right in thinking there’s some stunning seafood on offer. All that eating can be tiring work though, luckily you’ve got three beaches of sprawling sands to relax on. With the stunning Caldera de Taburiente vista in the background it makes any picture post-card quality.

Things to Do in La Palma

Exploring La Palma...

Parc Nacional de la Caldera de Taburiente

Parc Nacional de la Caldera de Taburiente sits in the heart of La Palm where you’ll find pine forests, freshwater streams, springs and waterfalls, dramatic rocks and cliffs. There’s something about getting out into the great outdoors which recharges the batteries. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll love Parc Nacional de la Caldera de Taburiente.

In the centre of the park is the Cauldron – an 8km-wide bowl in the rock, filled with forest and greenery. Traveller’s tip? Head to the edge of the Cauldron in the morning to see the early mist sitting heavy in the bowl for a real natural wonder.

La Palma beaches

The sands of La Palma are well known for being black, but don’t let that put you off them. The sands are just as soft, and many have Blue Flag status. Nogales, Bajamar, Puerto Naos, and Los Cancajos beaches are just a few worth mentioning for their prettiness and charming views.

If you don’t want to dip your toes in the ocean, La Palma has its own saltwater lido in San Andres y. The water is refreshed with every high time and there’s even a waterfall outlet.

Volcano trail

The south of La Palma is home to the iconic volcano trail. The demanding hike stretches some 10 miles along the island – and every step of the way you’ll find dramatic views. This brilliant day’s excursion isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it is a fantastic way to experience the lava arches and boulders of La Palma. You’ll see why this volcanic landscape is often compared to the surface of The Moon.

Dolphin and whale watching

La Palma sits in the Atlantic, meaning whales and dolphins frequently pass by the island on their migratory journeys. This means you might get the opportunity to catch these majestic creatures. Boat trips regularly leave from the towns, hoping to catch sight of Bottlenose Dolphins, Atlantic Spotted Dolphins, Bryde’s Whales and Pilot Whales. Glass-bottomed boats are popular, offering you a view into the beautiful blue waters below.

Food and drink in La Palma

Canary Island cuisine

You’d be right in thinking that an island out in the ocean has some great seafood. With plenty of locally caught fish on offer at restaurants, make sure you get an authentic taste of Canarian cuisine on your La Palma holiday.

La Palma also produces its own goats’ cheese, which is commonly smoked over pine or almond wood, giving it a distinctive flavour. The island also has a large selection of vineyards, which produce red, white and rosé wines that are sold throughout the island’s resorts.

La Palma restaurants

Great seafood, amazing wines – make sure you make the most of La Palma’s eateries. For restaurants with killer views, head to Plaza Castilla in Tazacorte. Playa los Cancajos is dotted with family-run restaurants that serve authentic food.
Settle into a waterfront restaurant, and tuck into rustic bread, lightly smoked goats cheese, and local sardines and prawns. Toast with a glass of punchy La Palma wine, lit by the sunset, and you’ll be in seventh heaven.

La Palma’s nightlife isn’t about clubbing, the islands pace of life is better suited to enjoy a few relaxing drinks after dinner in one of the many bars.

Going to La Palma with easyJet holidays

For peaceful and picturesque holidays, La Palma is a charming island that has something for every traveler. Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive deal or a self-catered stay, our array of holidays, flights and hotels means your ideal La Palma holiday is out there.

La Palma not quite sealing the deal? Have a read of our other Canary Island destination guides for further inspiration and temptation!