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Edinburgh City Breaks

Where magic and legend fill the air

Meet the ‘Empress of the North’ on a holiday to Edinburgh City. The historic Scottish capital is shrouded in ancient legends, from dragons to King Arthur. Its earliest settlers date back to almost 8500 BC and the city has remained a hotspot for visitors ever since. But the city isn’t just full of old tales. Edinburgh is also known for its great romantic weekends away and its variety of arts festivals. And if you prefer shopping, then take advantage of Princes Street or one of Edinburgh’s many boutique stores. Whether you're exploring the Medieval Old Town or the elegant Georgian New Town, both are full of unforgettable holiday snapshots. This is one majestic city with a whole lot to offer.

Your Edinburgh City questions, answered

That all depends on what weather you can handle. Winters can reach as low as 5 degrees while summers hover pleasantly at around 15 degrees.
If you want to sample the city’s local cuisine, then you need to try sheep’s pluck Haggis (sheep's organs minced with onion, oatmeal and suet).
Whether it’s the Film Festival, the Fringe Festival, the International Book Festival, Christmas markets or New Year’s fireworks, the city has an event for everyone.

Best things to do in Edinburgh City

Explore Edinburgh Castle

Built into the cliff face of a dormant volcano sits the magnificent Edinburgh Castle. For best views, approach from the east at bustling Royal Mile.

Walk around the Old Town

This is the heart of Edinburgh’s medieval roots, where most of the top tourist attractions and luxury hotels are placed.

Holyrood Parks and Arthur

No trip to Edinburgh would be complete without a stroll through the 640 acre Holyrood Royal Park, which leads up to the legendary Arthur’s Seat.