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United Kingdom Holidays

A nation of diverse riches

UK holidays are all about variety. Whether you’re after history, cultural events, nightlife, food or nature, it’s a destination that rewards visitors of every persuasion. Made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, it’s a relatively compact country that packs in an astonishing amount. It’s also straightforward to travel through, via a quick flight, road trip or train journey.

When it comes to historic sites (and sights), holidays to the UK boast plenty of diversity. Beautifully preserved castles, majestic abbeys and churches, Roman baths dating back to 60 AD and astounding 5000-year-old stone circles are just some of the wonders you can visit. All this is surrounded by remarkable countryside. It might be hard to choose between the lochs and highlands of rural Scotland and the lakes of northwest England – or the surf beaches and seaside towns along the south coast. But wherever you go, you’ll find that each unique area contains astonishing treasures.

If you prefer an urban break, there’s lots to keep you busy in the UK’s buzzy cities. The cosmopolitan capital, London, is home to some of the world’s finest drinking, dining, museums and more – not to mention landmarks of the fabled Royal Family. There’s plenty to do, see and eat in other cities too, each with their own distinct character – whether you’re looking to tour ancient university towns, dance until dawn or explore cutting-edge cuisine. That’s before you even consider cultural events – with music, literary and food festivals, sporting events and exhibitions, the UK is awash with fun things to see and do.

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