A sun-soaked island getaway

With miles of golden beaches, warm Mediterranean sunshine and plenty of fresh, pine-scented air, Kos holidays are relaxing and rejuvenating – this is the birthplace of the ancient healer Hippocrates, after all. Located in the Dodecanese islands, in the southeastern Aegean region of Greece, Kos is a sun-drenched holiday destination with plenty to offer every traveller – it’s up to you to do as much or as little as you like.

Holidays to Kos are blissfully easy. From fun-filled resorts to boutique adults-only escapes, you’ll be met with warm Greek hospitality at every turn. Ancient ruins scatter the interior, meaning you never need to travel far to soak up history. Family-run tavernas can be found in the pretty main towns, but also in the island’s off-the-beaten-track villages, while water parks and windsurfing schools are always a hit with families – and big kids. Night owls will love the wide variety of nightlife, whether it’s non-stop dancing in one of the buzzing nightclubs or low-key drinks as the sun sets by the sea, while hikers will find peace, tranquility and unforgettable views in the Dikeos Mountains. Then there are the beaches – from deserted secret coves to expansive white-sand bays, you could spend weeks exploring them all.

Three tips for a top trip

Take the bus
An excellent and reliable bus network connects different parts of the island, and can easily transport you to key spots if you don’t feel like driving.
Learn to windsurf
With crystal-clear water and a consistently balmy breeze to carry you along, windsurfing in Kos is excellent. Check out one of the schools on the north coast.
Sunset sightseeing
Avoid the crowds and do your sightseeing as the sun goes down – the views are better, the temperatures cooler and you’ll snap some excellent photos.

Best attractions to see in Kos


The island’s most impressive ancient site lies half a mile from Kos Town. It was built to honour the god of health and medicine, Asklepios, after the death of Hippocrates.

Astari Island

Admire the views of tiny Astari Island from Agios Stefanos beach, then paddle or swim over to ring the bell in the island’s blue and white church.

Hippocrates Garden

See, touch and smell the herbs and plants that were used in the time of Hippocrates in this intimate garden – a peaceful retreat at all times of day.

Your Kos questions, answered

It’s the perfect destination for families, couples and small groups of friends looking for a relaxing break, with the option of lively nightlife if you fancy it.

There are dozens, but Tigaki beach is a particularly popular stretch of sand lapped by calm waters. Get there early to save a sunlounger next to the water.

Kos is very close to Turkey, so meals are a wonderful mix of Greek and Turkish – mezze is a great way to try a variety of dishes.