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The city of lights and lovers

From the romantic setting of the Seine to the iconic sight of the Eiffel Tower dominating the skyline, there’s nothing quite like the magic of a city break to Paris. Enjoy the designer boutiques in the stylish Champs-Elysees, revel in a relaxed riverboat ride or settle down at a street-side café with a croissant and café au lait.

Of course, Paris city breaks are ideal for soaking up a dose of culture too. With a number of museums and art galleries in every corner of the city, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the history of France’s capital, as well as getting your fill of its extensive classic and contemporary art collections. City breaks to Paris evoke all the glamour of an old Hollywood film but there’s plenty more to discover in the City of Lights.

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Your Paris City questions, answered

Parisians typically dine after 8 pm which means you might be hard pressed to find restaurants open before 7 pm.
For full city immersion, explore Paris by foot until your legs get tired. Then hop on the metro for fast, efficient and affordable travel.
Raise a smile by testing out your French: s’il vous plaît - please; merci - thank you; pardon - sorry; bonjour - hello; bonsoir - good evening.

Hotels in Paris

1K Hotel
1,274 reviews
Acacias Etoile
1,280 reviews
Hotel Le 12
null reviews
Hotel Nude Paris
null reviews
Le 10 Bis
null reviews
Maison FL
null reviews
Acadia Astotel
1,270 reviews
Adele & Jules
802 reviews
Aida Marais
1,462 reviews
Appia La Fayette
183 reviews
Artus Hotel
1,446 reviews
Astoria Astotel
2,516 reviews
965 reviews
Augustin Astotel
2,032 reviews
Bachaumont Hotel
544 reviews
0 reviews
709 reviews
487 reviews
157 reviews
2,590 reviews
CADET Residence
801 reviews
Chateau Frontenac
1,045 reviews
Daunou Opera
673 reviews
De Buci
1,220 reviews
null reviews
Drawing House
77 reviews
Du Bois
489 reviews
Elysees Ceramic
939 reviews
Elysees Flaubert
409 reviews
Elysees Union
1,536 reviews
Evergreen Laurel
554 reviews
Exe Panorama
560 reviews
Fertel Etoile
563 reviews
George Astotel
1,948 reviews
Helios Opera
597 reviews
Hidden Hotel
1,986 reviews
Hilton Paris Opera
3,061 reviews
Home Moderne Hotel
1,399 reviews
Hotel 34B Astotel
3,488 reviews
Hotel Atrium
710 reviews
Hotel B55
367 reviews
Hotel Balmoral
2,271 reviews
Hotel Dalila
299 reviews
Hotel du Printemps
1,150 reviews
Hotel Elysia
1,222 reviews
Hotel Westminster
1,326 reviews
Joke Astotel
2,287 reviews
Joyce Astotel
3,681 reviews
623 reviews
1,268 reviews
Kube Hotel Paris
1,350 reviews
La Tremoille
482 reviews
Le Bellechasse
1,018 reviews
Le Bristol Paris
2,295 reviews
Le Chat Noir
475 reviews
Le Dokhan's
1,146 reviews
Le General
1,343 reviews
Le Lavoisier
518 reviews
Le Meridien Etoile
1,473 reviews
Le Metropolitan
930 reviews
Le Parisis Hotel
892 reviews
Le Senat
1,062 reviews
Lenox Montparnasse
2,164 reviews
Les Deux Girafes
344 reviews
Les Plumes Hotel
976 reviews
Les Tournelles
580 reviews
1,923 reviews
Lorette Astotel
2,299 reviews
Lumen Paris Louvre
1,002 reviews
2,050 reviews
Madison Hotel
1,480 reviews
925 reviews
Maison Delano Paris
1,003 reviews
Malte Astotel
2,963 reviews
Marais Home
995 reviews
Mob House
37 reviews
1,251 reviews
Novotel Paris 17
730 reviews
Off Paris Seine
774 reviews
Opera Cadet
null reviews
Opera Frochot
387 reviews
Palm Astotel
2,010 reviews
Park Lane Paris
593 reviews
Pax Opera
1,175 reviews
Peyris Opera
836 reviews
Plaza Tour Eiffel
1,013 reviews
Pley Hotel
536 reviews
792 reviews
Regina Hotel
1,660 reviews
Shangri-La Paris
1,900 reviews
Splendid Etoile
1,719 reviews
The Chess Hotel
531 reviews
The Peninsula Paris
1,170 reviews
The Westin Paris
4,602 reviews
Timhotel Montmartre
1,612 reviews
Tourisme Avenue
1,686 reviews
Vic Eiffel
463 reviews
Victoria Palace
829 reviews
Villa Alessandra
926 reviews
Villa Modigliani
822 reviews
Villa Pantheon
1,547 reviews
Villa Royale
1,100 reviews
W Paris - Opera
null reviews
Waldorf Trocadero
1,205 reviews
West end Paris
961 reviews
XO Hotel
441 reviews
1,059 reviews