Florence Holidays

Tuscany's Renaissance treasure

 As one of Europe's most historically important cities, Florence hardly needs an introduction. This sunny and startlingly pretty city in central Italy is where the Renaissance is said to have been born, through the genius of the enquiring minds that lived and thrived here. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Dante are just a few of the legendary names who called Tuscany's great capital home, and goodness, did they leave their marks on the city. Follow in the footsteps of Europe's most talented Renaissance men, treat your taste buds to hearty Tuscan treats and feast your eyes on more medieval art and architecture than you can handle on a holiday to Florence. 

You can get a feel for the energy and turbulence of the city's past just by walking around its UNESCO-protected historic centre. At every turn, you'll find a magnificent building, an ancient square or a stunning bridge, each with a story to tell. There's simply no doubt about it, Florence is one of the world's most beautiful cities, a fact celebrated and reaffirmed by the masterpieces of art and sculpture that hang in its many high calibre museums. 


Your Florence questions, answered...

You can see the main sights on foot in this compact city. If you don't feel like walking, hop on a bus or tram.

Feast on crostini with pâté, bistecca alla Fiorentina and obscene amounts of pasta. Washed down with a glass of Chianti or Sangiovese of course.

Too many to count, but you'll kick yourself if you don't lay eyes on Michelangelo's sculptural masterpiece David in the Galleria dell'Accademia.

Best things to do in Florence

See the Duomo

Dominating Florence's skyline, this 600 year old cathedral is the largest brick and mortar dome in the entire world and a symbol of the city.

Cross the Ponte Vecchio

It might take you a while as you'll be tempted to stop and browse for souvenirs at the stilted shops and stalls on either side.

Visit the Uffizi Gallery

Gaze at Florentine and international masterpieces in one of the finest art museums on earth.