Old meets new in a cultured capital

Dvořák, Mozart, Einstein, Kafka, Havel – they all lived in Prague at some point, and with good reason. Sometimes called ‘The heart of Europe’ or the ‘City of a Hundred Spires’, Prague has Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture that’s as varied and inspiring as its history is eventful. Beyond the buildings, holidays in Prague spent exploring the cobblestone streets will turn up a wealth of historic sites, and contemporary innovation in culture and cuisine.

Small in size and cheap to travel around, Prague has a wealth of interesting districts. The beautiful Old Town is a great place to start, but check out some of the more up-and-coming areas, too – Prague 7, a district that includes the Holesovice quarter, is fast becoming known as a cultural and artistic hotspot, with trendy galleries, cinemas and more. Meanwhile, the former industrial districts of Smichov and Karlin are now home to chic restaurants and boho cafés. Zizkov remains famous for its bars and nightlife (with many attracted by the famously affordable Czech beer), but it has upped its game in recent years, with hip speakeasies replacing many ageing ‘herna’ (slot machine) bars. With a vibrant combination of old and new, and many stories to tell, holidays to Prague are an enticing prospect.

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Three tips for a top trip

Trams are the way forward
Travel overground and try Prague’s fantastic citywide tram system, as it will give you the chance to experience a number of lesser-known sights, bars, cafés and restaurants.
Explore on foot
Once you veer away from the main sights, prices in cafés, bars and restaurants change dramatically. Going off the beaten track reveals fantastic hidden spots.
Go to the cinema
A trip to the pictures might not spring to mind as a holiday activity, but Prague has some beautiful ones featuring early 20th-century décor and subtitled films.

Best attractions to see in Prague

Havlicek Gardens

Nestled in the Vrsovice (Prague 10) district, these tranquil Italian Renaissance-inspired gardens have a small vineyard, fountains and beautiful flowers and plants – a great place to relax.

Dox Gallery

Located in trendy Holesovice, the Dox Centre for Contemporary Art is the country’s largest contemporary art museum – with no permanent exhibitions, it always has something new to see.

Prague Astronomical Clock

This intricate medieval clock is the oldest in the world that is still operational. Join the crowds in the Old Town Square to see the animated display when it strikes the hour.

Your Prague questions, answered

Heavy and meat-based, but vegan, vegetarian and international restaurants are emerging, while a large Vietnamese diaspora means there are plenty of southeast Asian restaurants.

At the higher end, marionettes and wooden toys are a particular feature of Prague’s traditional crafts. Or take home unusual tea from one of the many café-culture offshoots.

Beer and brewery tours will get you on an insider track – just remember that, as well as cheap lager, there are delicious historical brews and craft creations to discover.