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Holidays in Rhodes


Rhodes is the jewel of Greek island holidays . With 300 days of sunshine per year, it’s a sun worshipper's dream come true. Amazing beach resorts dot the island's landscape and a day out at one of Rhodes' beaches will satisfy any traveller's thirst for white sands, bright sun and calm surf.

The island's history may be the only thing capable of trumping its beaches. Rhodes Town has one of Europe's best preserved old towns. Its strong walls, beautiful castle and stone mansions give visitors a glimpse of the island's glorious past. Wandering the old town musters up a sense of romance. As you wind through the streets, make sure to stop off for a coffee or glass of wine at one of the local cafés.

You might want to head inland to find Rhodes' great hiking and cycling trails, so don't forget your hiking boots! Score extra points for remembering to pack a Greek picnic for a perfect day out. Head up to the top of Mount Attavyros where you will be able to touch the clouds. At the top you’ll find the Temple of Zeus, one of the many spots around the island dripping in Greek history, surrounded by ancient ruins.

Catch your breath and then it’s time to check out Rhodes' nightlife. The island has something for everyone when the sun goes down. From quiet taverns serving ouzo and traditional moussaka, to loud, pulsating nightclubs that stay open until the sun comes up, Rhodes has enough to satisfy even the fussiest traveller.

Top Rhodes resorts

Rhodes Town

The island capital of Rhodes Town is the perfect combination of old and new. The new side is full of great shops and restaurants to enjoy during a holiday to Rhodes. But it’s the old town that attracts most visitors. Along the areas narrow stone paths you will find the eye-catching Palace of the Grand Master, gothic churches and traditional Rhodian houses. There is plenty more history and culture to view all around the old town and you’ll need to visit more than once if you want to see it all.

Faliraki Village

Faliraki is a quieter option that puts more emphasis on beaches than historical sites. The vibrant atmosphere gives the village a youthful vibe, and the newer restaurants, bars and nightclubs cater to tourists seeking a more modern trip visiting the island. Faliraki still gives visitors the chance to see the local history if they’re interested as Rhodes Town is easily reached.

Koskinou Village

The picture-perfect village of Koskinou has retained much of its traditional charm. Cobbled streets, whitewashed houses and squares filled with flowers decorate the old town. The medieval castle makes for a great day out and visitors can view the 4th century chapels built near it. Once you have taken in the village's history, you can visit the newer, more modern area. There you will find up-to-date luxuries like bars and restaurants that retain the old world Rhodes vibe.

Things to Do in Rhodes

Exploring Rhodes...

Mount Attavyros

The impressive mountain begins to tower over the path as soon as you approach from the winding roads below. Attavyros is Rhodes' tallest mountain and Greek mythology identifies the top of the mountain as the Temple of Zeus. You can see what is left of the temple once you have hiked the steep road leading to it. If you don’t fancy the walk and would rather get there quickly, you can always drive too.

Butterflies Valley

This unique natural reserve attracts an incredible number of butterflies each spring and autumn. The lush greenery attracts thousands of caterpillars during the rainy season, which then cocoon and hatch to become butterflies once the weather dries up. It is one of the most unique sites to see on Rhodes, and one kids and grownups alike both love.

Kalithea Beach

Kalithea Beach is decorated with palm and pine trees as you approach before the sun-shading trees give way to one of Rhodes' best beaches. The white sands meet emerald waters, and the warm sea current provides visitors the chance to relax in the surf. Kalithea is easy to get to from Rhodes Town and more than worth the short journey.

Palace of the Grand Master

Located in Rhodes' old town, the Palace of the Grand Master was home to the Rhodes' governor during medieval times. Now the 158 room building is one of the top tourist attractions in Rhodes. Imposing, impressing and intriguing, the Palace of the Grand Master is open for visitors to explore. A visit will take you back into Rhodes' tremendous history.

Food and drink in Rhodes

Rhodes cuisine

Rhodes cuisine makes great use of spices as it draws on traditional Greek cuisine. The food in Rhodes is typically fresh as the island favours home-grown vegetables and fruits. Greek salads are cool and refreshing in the island sun, and many Rhodians will eat one for lunch. Moussaka is an island favourite and cooks on the island will season it with their own special spices. Of course, no meal is complete without ouzo. The popular Greek alcohol is a perfect way to round off a traditional Greek meal.

Rhodes restaurants

Visitors to Rhodes will find mezedes are a popular way to eat. Similar to Spanish tapas, Greeks order mezedes with a beer, wine or ouzo before sharing the platters with friends. Restaurants around Rhodes cater to this local way of eating, and it isn't uncommon to sample several dishes while enjoying cool beverages. You can simply spend your evening wandering through several restaurants if you want a variety of great tasting food.

Going to Rhodes with easyJet holidays

Rhodes holidays are made for holidaymakers that love sunshine, although history buffs will love it too. Whether you are looking for a quiet getaway, a historical holiday, a romantic trip for two or an all-night party, Rhodes has it.

Booking your flights and hotel with easyJet holidays makes your break to Rhodes simple to arrange and saves you money. We offer a wide variety of deals to suit you whether it is a family holiday, all inclusive or simply a holiday for two, you will find we offer the perfect deal for you.

Rhodes not quite sealing the deal? Have a read of our other Greek holiday destination guides for further inspiration and temptation.