A chic seaside break

A sunny enclave on France’s Côte d’Azur, Cannes wasn’t always such a honeypot for the well-heeled and fabulous. Up until 1834, it was a humble fishing village, but then English statesman and philosopher Lord Henry Brougham built a grand house there. This inspired other well-to-do types to regard Cannes, with its clear waters and sublime climate, as a revitalising Victorian health destination. On Cannes city breaks nowadays, you’ll find it still draws a jet-set crowd, who visit upscale boutiques before returning to their super yachts and flashy sports cars. Moreover, since Brougham’s day, Cannes has become a magnet for Hollywood stars – the best and brightest of which arrive each May for the city’s now world-famous film festival.

City breaks to Cannes aren’t all about celebrity-spotting, though, as there are beautiful sandy public beaches and a cluster of bijou offshore islands to explore. There’s also the cutesy rustic architecture of the old quarter, Le Suquet, where you can shop for handmade crafts and jewellery, and watch street artists perform along its narrow, cobbled lanes. It has come a very long way from its origins as a sleepy fisherman’s village, and after your first city break to Cannes, you’re sure to be hooked.

Your Cannes questions, answered

Stock up on supplies – plump olives, savoury meats and prime seafood – at a local market before heading to La Croix-des-Gardes, Lord Henry Brougham’s old home, which is now a 200-acre park.

Some of them, but by no means all. Check out Plage du Midi, Plage de la Bocca or Palm Beach – all of which are sandy suntraps and are easily reachable.

It depends what you’re after – Rue d’Antibes is a good all-rounder and Rue Meynadier has plenty of independent and artisan shops, while La Croisette is best for luxe, big-ticket purchases.

Best attractions to see in Cannes

Le Chemin des Étoiles

Famous film stars, including Angelina Jolie, Tim Burton, Meg Ryan and Whoopi Goldberg, have all left their handprints in Cannes’ very own walk of fame.

Les Isle de Lérins

There’s a cluster of small islands just 15 minutes away by boat. These include Saint-Honorat, where a silent order of monks makes wine, and Sainte-Marguerite, where ‘The Man in the Iron Mask’ was imprisoned.

Le Vieux Port

Treat yourself to a nice glass of wine and settle in for a good old gawp at the sleek super yachts moored here at Cannes’ bustling old port.