Sardinia Holidays

A gorgeous, gourmet island

Italy has plenty of beautiful beaches, but on Sardinia holidays you’ll get to enjoy some of the world’s finest, with hundreds of white sandy stretches lapped by warm turquoise seas. If it’s natural beauty you’re after, this island – 210 kilometres long by 110 kilometres wide – has it in spades. It’s a landscape of mountains, flamingo-filled lagoons and olive and citrus groves.

Its heritage is pretty spectacular, too – Sardinia is a prehistoric treasure trove, with thousands of Bronze Age towers dotted across its rugged landscape, as well as beautiful towns and villages and phenomenal natural parks. Sardinia has a character distinct from the Italian mainland, and its cuisine is unique as well. Italians rave about its cheeses and cured meats, and the island is renowned for its superb suckling pig, seafood and lobster.

But holidays to Sardinia are about more than just eating in its superb restaurants – you’ll have the chance to try local produce at the island’s many festivals – the locals love a good party, and there are events year-round celebrating saints’ days and different foodstuffs. With its dazzling white beaches, clear blue seas, yachts gliding around hidden coves, much to see and do, and some of Italy’s most renowned cuisine, it’s unsurprising that when the Italians themselves go on holiday, they often head to Sardinia.

Three tips for a top trip

Hire a car
Sardinia has efficient local buses connecting towns and villages, but if you want to explore and discover its hidden corners, it’s best to hire a car.
Find a festival
Sardinians love to celebrate festivals, usually honouring the town or village saint, but sometimes devoted to a particular dish. Expect food stalls, music and costumed parades.
Take a boat out
The Maddalena Archipelago is a beautiful group of seven islands just off the Costa Smeralda. Charter a boat to explore them, or enjoy an organised trip.

Best attractions to see in Sardinia


A protected area spreading across 460 square kilometres, this national park is criss-crossed by hiking trails and includes Gola di Gorropu, nicknamed ‘Europe’s Grand Canyon’.

Costa Smeralda

The Emerald Coast is Sardinia’s most famous coastal stretch – celebrities flock there for its bright white beaches and crystalline sea, and the wide range of five-star resorts and yacht harbours.

Su Nuraxi

This is the best preserved and restored of the many mysterious Bronze Age towers that are scattered across the island, dating to around 1800 BC.

Your Sardinia questions, answered

Sardinia has accommodation at all levels, and you can eat extremely well here on a budget as well as in the array of high-end restaurants and bars.

Sardinia is an ideal family destination, with beautiful beaches, warm seas, tons of things to do and plenty of child-pleasing pizza, pasta and gelato.

If you’re looking for an active holiday, Sardinia has plenty to offer, with excellent walking, rock-climbing and scuba-diving, as well as boating, sailing, kitesurfing and more.