Krakow Holidays

A historic arty Polish city

For vibrant art, masses of culture and delicious Eastern European cuisine, look no further than Krakow. Poland’s oldest and second largest city, located on the Vistula river, is one of Europe’s most beautiful, and has plenty of treasures to discover. Krakow holidays are a time for historic charm and contemporary cool to collide – the city’s buildings are a delightful mix of the old and new, with those dating back to the 13th century located next to contemporary structures.

The grand Wawel Castle is one of the city’s most popular and eye-catching landmarks. Elsewhere, there are many museums, galleries and churches to wonder at. In Kazimierz, the historic Jewish Quarter, you don’t even have to go to a gallery to enjoy the art as the streets are lined with brightly-coloured street art, created by artists from all over the globe. Not far outside the city you can encounter breathtaking nature in Ojcow’s small but beautiful national park, just half an hour’s drive from Krakow.

Holidays to Krakow are a good choice for foodies too, as there are lots of places to dine and plenty of tasty local dishes to try, including ‘pierogi’ – traditional Polish dumplings. With creativity found everywhere, from its art-covered walls to its innovative restaurants, Krakow presents a world of opportunity for holidaymakers.

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Exploring Kraków

Three tips for a top trip

Use public transport
Krakow has trains, buses and trams, all of which are reliable and inexpensive, so make the most of it. A 24-hour travel pass can be good value.
Learn some Polish
Making an effort to speak a little Polish, despite it being a tricky language to learn, is always appreciated. ‘Dzięki’ (pronounced ‘jen-kee’) means ‘thanks’.
Climb the Krakus Mound
Thought to have been built by pagan tribes thousands of years ago for use during rituals, this fascinating 16-metre-high mound offers great views across the city.

Best attractions to see in Krakow


A spectacular lagoon inside what was once a limestone quarry, Zakrzowek is a tranquil spot where you can relax away from the bustling city centre.

Wawel Castle

Built during the 13th and 14th centuries, Krakow’s Wawel Castle is an architectural wonder. After you’ve appreciated its exterior, head inside to explore its art museum.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Head a short distance out of the city to this remarkable salt mine. There’s a fascinating underground labyrinth of caverns to explore – expect subterranean lakes and astonishing salt carvings.

Your Krakow questions, answered

Poland is not in the Euro, so make sure you ask for Polish zloty when changing your holiday money. The word ‘zloty’ is the masculine form of the Polish word for ‘golden’.

Definitely. Krakow has lots of different cafés, food stalls and restaurants. You’re just as likely to find global favourites as you are traditional Polish cuisine.

Both have their charms. In summer the temperatures are warm, making lots of outdoor pursuits possible, while in winter the parks are sometimes snow-covered and Christmas markets arrive.