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Naples Holidays

A capital of culture and cuisine

The claim that you will ‘see Naples and die' might sound a shade alarming, but it’s true that the city’s history, cuisine and beauty rival many other destinations in Italy. For all sorts of visitors, Naples holidays promise some of the best sightseeing, eating and shopping around.

As one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, Naples boasts ruins that date back to Ancient Greece and Rome, and a fabulous collection of Baroque churches and palaces dot the city. Its location made it an important port town, and once the richest city in Europe. Today, it’s still a hub of activity and Italy’s third largest city, with excellent museums and cultural institutions, including the world’s oldest opera house.

And as it’s the birthplace of the pizza, visitors are almost duty bound to sample a few local specialities, as well as sweets like ‘zeppole’ and flaky ‘sfogliatella’. Its gorgeous seafront and the tangle of streets in the older quarters will enchant all visitors on holidays to Naples.

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Your Naples questions, answered

Absolutely. The city easily blends its seaside attractions and historic city centre, while dining here is exceptionally child-friendly, with plenty of pizza, pasta and gelato.
While it’s a big city, the main attractions in Naples are all easily walkable, though there is a metro system and funiculars that connect the different areas.
Winter is the peak season in Naples because of its warm weather, but October and November are a good choice for a city break. You'll find that Naples can be very hot in July and August, with temperatures well over 30ºC and high humidity. From March to May it will be in the mid-20s and much pleasanter for wandering the city, playing a round of golf or going to the beach. May is the best month for festivals. You'll be able to go to free wine tastings, cultural events and exhibitions, a bike fest and a parade for the city's patron saint.
Naples makes a good city break when you want to combine culture with sun and sea. You can stop at Piazza Bellini, where the bar-lined square has ancient ruins in the centre. You can visit a modern art museum inside a Gothic church and follow it up with the world's best pizza down the Via dei Tribunali. You might cross the footbridge to a Norman castle and stop at the marina for a seafood lunch. You can end your day with a sunset stroll along the long seaside promenade, where you'll have an impressive view of Mount Vesuvius and Capri.
Naples is known for its strong coffee culture, and a visit to the famed Caffè Gambrinus will be a good introduction to drinking Neapolitan espresso.
Even for a weekend city break, you should allow yourself at least two clear days for sightseeing and a trip to Vesuvius. If you want to be more ambitious, you're only an hour's drive from the seaside resort of Sorrento and the gateway to the famed Amalfi coast. If you're visiting Naples for the ancient history, you'll need to give yourself at least three days to take in the sites of Herculaneum, Pompeii and the Greek temples at Paestum. If you have a week or more you could also go to the island of Capri.
If you're on a city break to Naples and you want an authentic Italian neighbourhood, look for accommodation in the Centro Storico. You'll find places to suit all budgets within easy reach of good food, nightlife and sightseeing. The neighbouring districts of Vomero and Chiaia are a little more high-end and trendier. You'll have shopping, bars, restaurants and entertainments and a good environment for families. If you're prepared to travel, the suburban districts of Posillipo or Fuorigrotta are an affordable option with access to the countryside. Although Naples is big, its main attractions are all within easy reach.
Absolutely. Naples offers you a child-friendly blend of seaside and history, with the added attractions of pizza in its native environment and endless Neapolitan ice cream. You can take a funicular railway up to a medieval castle, examine the remains of genuine Romans frozen in time, or tour the city below ground. Underground Naples tours will show you a whole subterranean city, including hidden tunnels, aqueducts, catacombs, secret chambers and even vegetable gardens. Kids will also love the interactive science museum with hands-on workshops and labs, a 3D planetarium, museums of bugs and the human body, and an aquarium.
Naples is known for its still active volcano, Mount Vesuvius, which destroyed nearby Pompeii in 79 AD. Before that, the Bay of Naples was the haunt of Roman emperors, especially the island of Capri. In Naples City, you can see more than 20 centuries of famous historic architecture, including three castles, two royal palaces and more than 500 churches. You can also visit underground Naples, where you'll find the famed networks of tunnels and secret chambers, and catacombs full of skeletons. Naples is also known as the birthplace of pizza, for fabulous gelato and its coffee culture.