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Holidays in Lake Garda


Departing from

Holidays in Lake Garda are beauty, relaxation and food heaven combined. Surrounded by alpine mountains and rocky peaks, Lake Garda is one of a kind.

The lake's mild climates not only enable the growth of Mediterranean flora, but it also provides great weather for holidays to the area. Lake Garda's beaches are very similar to those found on Italy's coastline. Golden sand and calm surf offers visitors the chance to swim, jet-ski and boat around the enormous lake. Lazise Beach's comfortable sands provide a day of sun lounging before heading out for a drink and sputino.

The possibilities are endless on a Lake Garda holiday as you get in touch with your Italian side. The lake is surrounded by a number of provinces and communes packed with historical attractions; of which Penede Castle is a particularly fantastic day trip. Add in a hike on the hills that engulf it or indulge in a picnic of olives, bread, cheese and wine. And whether you plump for activity or romance, you’ll be guaranteed of a great day. Many of the attractions at Lake Garda consist of Roman ruins and castles, which make for many great cultural trips. The town of Sirmione is very popular with holidaymakers as it houses a number of great Lake Garda restaurants, bars, and shops.

Lake Garda also has a vibrant nightlife scene, proving it isn't just reserved for the beaches and relaxation. The towns and villages that dot the lake contain fantastic traditional restaurants, cafés, bars and a nightclub or two. Limone and Bardolino pack plenty of punch for visitors looking for fun when the sun goes down.

Whether it’s a lazy lake break you’re after or a chance to gorge yourself on delicious Italian pizza and pasta, you will find plenty of great things to see and do on holidays in Lake Garda.

Top Lake Garda resorts


Located on a long, narrow peninsula that sticks out into Lake Garda, Sirmione is one of the region's most popular holiday hotspots. Sirmione is classic northern Italy and the town is dominated by the imposing Rocca Scaligera castle. The town's location provides plenty of great panoramic Lake Garda views as you look out at the sea of villages that litter the lake's coastline.


Considered the most popular resort on Lake Garda, the town has classic Italian architecture running down its narrow lanes. Malcesine's hills and forests make for splendid hiking and mountain biking experiences. After you’ve viewed the area by foot, take to the air and ride the cable car that takes visitors into the many mountains that surround the resort.


It’s easy to see the Venetian influence on Lazise as you walk down the paths and take in the architecture. This classically-Italian resort offers a small-town atmosphere and it is a bit quieter than some of the lake's other villages. The town has a fantastic selection of restaurants and bars around its big piazza, so you can always find something to occupy your time. Enjoy the scenic walk or indulge in an expertly made espresso on the waterfront as you watch the boats come and go.

Things to Do in Lake Garda

Exploring Lake Garda…

Monte Baldo

Exploring the natural landscapes is one of the main reasons people travel to Lake Garda. Monte Baldo is located in the Italian Alps and provides challenging hiking trails for those keen to walk its ridges. For those wanting to save their legs, Monte Baldo's cable car will take them to the top in a matter of minutes. The cable car can be found in Malcesine on Lake Garda and will have you looking down on the town in no time at all.

Castello Scaligero

The 14th century castle is a historical museum of the region's history. Built in 1338, the castle has exhibits scattered throughout it informing visitors of the Della Scala family’s rich history.

The Bastion

Located in Trentino, the Bastion is situated on the slopes of Mount Rocchetta. The structure was built to protect the town below and today is a symbol of Trentino's past. The entire Lake Garda region is filled with amazing ancient structures that catch the eye, and the Bastion is another in a long line of great historical places to explore.

Lazise Beach

Considered the best beach on Lake Garda, Lazise is relatively crowd-free during the warmer months. The beach is sandy and has great grassy areas to retreat to when the sand becomes a little too warm. Compared to other beaches around the lake, Lazise is one of the few sandy spots, which makes it even more attractive.

Food and drink in Lake Garda

Italian Cuisine

Just like Italy's dialects, food can change from region to region in the country. Northern Italian foods use less olive oil, but that doesn't take away from the great taste. You’ll find plenty of great pastas and pizza topped with local cheeses. One of the great northern Italian food staples is polenta, which can be cooked and served in a variety of ways. Risotto is another regional favourite, which goes well with a classic Italian red wine. Bardolino wine is not only produced and made in the area, but it’s even named after the town – so it must be good!

Lake Garda Restaurants

Food in the Lake Garda region centres on pasta, and the area's restaurants make a variety of unique dishes only found in Italy. Of course, you will find great tasting pizza, but that isn't too hard in Italy. We love the sputino, small snacks that restaurants and bars offer when drinking wine or beer, that you find in most bars in the region. Once you have satisfied your appetite, it won't be difficult to find a great local restaurant as there are so many. You need only follow your nose.

Going to Lake Garda with easyJet holidays

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing break, or something more thrilling, holidays in Lake Garda are an affordable and cheap option when travelling with easyJet holidays. You can choose how long you want to stay for with flexible dates, and by booking your hotel and flights together, you will be saving lots of money for a fantastic great-value holiday.

Lake Garda not quite sealing the deal? Have a read of our other Italy destination guides for further inspiration.