Costa Del Sol Holidays

Year-round sun and fun

The sun always seems to shine a little more brightly on the Costa del Sol – a beachside paradise located in the south of Spain. The region’s striking beaches have made Costa del Sol holidays famous, but there’s much more on offer beyond its sparkling sky and sea. The port city of Malaga, for instance, offers modernity and a burgeoning cultural scene that attracts artists from around the world as well as their admirers.

Elsewhere, quintessentially Andalucian white villages are scattered across the landscape, and with architecture left behind after the Moorish occupation, holidays to the Costa del Sol can be a feast for the eyes. Boasting a cuisine that is still influenced by Jewish and Arabic traditions, there’s plenty of opportunity to try new things. Being by the sea, freshly-caught seafood is the star ingredient in many dishes and features heavily on most menus. Specialities like ‘pescaito frito’ – small fish breaded and fried in olive oil – and gazpacho, a refreshing cold soup, are popular in the region. So whether you love culture, food and ancient architecture, or just a bucket, a spade and an ice cream on the sand, the Costa del Sol is the perfect holiday destination to soak up the sun and enjoy.

Three tips for a top trip

Roam in your own ride
If you’d like to check out local life and see more of the region’s geographically diverse landscape, consider renting a car and taking a road trip.
Trek El Caminito del Rey
This steep hike along the walls of El Chorro gorge leads to spectacular views. It’s undergone extensive safety improvements, giving thrill-seekers the adrenaline without the danger.
Pack extra sunscreen
The long, sunny days can make it easy to forget to reapply sunscreen. Whether you’re on the slopes or by the sea, make sure to stay protected.

Best attractions to see in Costa del Sol

Malaga’s Alcazaba

A Moorish medieval fortress beside the ruins of a Roman theatre. The name derives from the Arabic for ‘citadel’, and it is considered the best preserved ‘alcazaba’ in Spain.

The Nerja Caves

This cave system is home to one of the world’s largest stalagmites, a natural amphitheatre that regularly hosts concerts and cave paintings estimated to be more than 42,000 years old.

Soho de Malaga

An art district by the Guadalmedina river, El Soho is buzzing with life. Its walls are the canvas for work by international street artists including Space Invader and Obey.

Your Costa del Sol questions, answered

On clear days you can spot the African coastline from some of Costa del Sol’s peaks. So if you go hiking, keep your eyes peeled.

Costa del Sol holidays will leave you spoilt for choice, so there are no wrong answers, but if you pass through Nerja make sure to seek out Maro Beach.

This affordable and compact city is packed with contemporary art, the early works of Picasso and a historic quarter filled with outdoor cafés and tempting boutiques.