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Holidays in Capri


Capri is a stunning archipelago in Southern Italy's Campani region. Every inch of this beautiful island is accessible from just a 3.5-hour flight from London. Despite its fairly convenient location from the United Kingdom, the scenic and cultural contrasts between the two destinations are stark. An unforgettable Italian vacation can be enjoyed on this elevated island, which beguiles with its rugged landscape, wind-crafted monuments, and Roman ruins. Aside from browsing the medley of designer fashion boutiques, luxury hotels, and fine-dining establishments, visitors can anticipate a great deal of sightseeing on holidays to Capri. Mount Solaro, Villa Jovis, the flower-festooned Gardens of Augustus, and the 14th-century Charterhouse of St. Giacomo add to the allure of this enchanting enclave.

Top Capri Resorts

S'Agata di Puglia

In south-east Italy’s Apulia region is the town of Sant'Agata di Puglia. Home to just over 2,000 people, S'Agata di Puglia is a charming province famous for its position near the Cathedral of Sant'Agata. Traced back to Norman times, the 800-metre high castle is the venue for year-round historical re-enactments. S'Agata di Puglia rises above a naturally-formed mountain pass from Campania to Apulia. The motorcycle roads and curving trails make it a popular destination for off-roading and hiking activities. Festival of the Pizza Fritta takes place in the town, which boasts an exquisite location in the Calaggio valley.


The historic nucleus of Anacapri is a spell-binding portal into Italy's past. There is a very traditional vibe in this region, where local shoemakers are hard at work, quaint cafes lure in passers-by with mouth-watering smells, and charming family-run hotels dominate the centre. Anacapri's landscape is a mixture of Neapolitan tailor shops, artisan workshops, and geranium-decorated lanes. Make sure you check out the Mount Solaro chairlift, which looks out onto the Gulf of Naples. Buses depart from Capri to Anacapri every 15 minutes and since the ride is just 10 minutes, it's well worth the journey.

Marina Picolla and Marina Grande

Fancy gazing at views of Faraglioni from a pristine bay of white sand and azure waters? If so visit Marina Picolla, where the Greek king of Ithaca, Ulysses, was enticed by the sirens, according to urban legend. Marina Picolla's beautiful bay sits adjacent to the giant sea stacks of Capro and it is a favoured tourist hotspot, due to the fact its rocky surroundings shield it from the wind. Also located in this region is the island's main port, Marina Grande. An ancient fishing port formerly used by Tiberius and Augustus, it can be accessed from Marina Picolla by doing a loop around Faraglioni's oceanic rock formations.

Top resorts near Capri


Postcard-perfect Sorrento sits perched at the top of the cliff on the Amalfi Coast. This popular Neapolitan Riviera day trip destination is framed by Mount Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples. Apart from its attractive natural setting, Sorrento offers visitors a well-preserved historic centre with a narrow maze of winding cobbled streets to explore. Take a cappuccino break in the bustling Piazza Tasso, or pick up handmade souvenirs in Sorrento’s market lanes to bring back home. If you wish to escape the city’s crowds, you’ll find plenty of beaches and the ruins of Pompeii nearby.


The birthplace of pizza, Naples is a must-visit destination for any foodie during a trip to Italy. Yet there’s more on offer here than the perfect Margherita, including centuries of art and culture to explore. Sites like the National Archaeological Museum offer a fascinating look at the region’s Roman heritage. You’ll find everything from marble sculptures to detailed mosaics on display. Medieval castles help make the city centre a UNESCO World Heritage site. After a morning of sightseeing, venture to beaches like Marina Grande for a spot of sunbathing. You’ll be able to watch the fishing boats bobbing in the deep blue waters, or enjoy a cool cocktail in one of the buzzing beach clubs.


Positano’s colourful homes are an iconic Amalfi Coast sight. Painted in shades of lemon yellow and peachy pink, the city’s homes tumble down the cliff to the Spiaggia Grande beach below. Enjoy old world glamour to rival Capri here, complete with vintage peppermint-striped sun loungers and beach umbrellas. You can easily spend the day exploring the zigzag streets winding their way upward. Stop off at family-run cafés where you can enjoy the catch of the day, or shop for designer leather goods and souvenirs in Positano’s upscale boutiques.

Things to Do in Capri

Exploring Capri...

Villa San Michele

Many people describe the atmosphere as "magical" when they visit Villa San Michele. This tourist attraction is certainly worth adding to the travel itinerary, with the majority of visitors seeking out answers to their dreams and unique encounters with people from around the world. Awarded the title “Italy’s Most Beautiful Garden”, Axel Munthe's former residence is now home to a broad collection of artefacts relating to the Swedish-born psychiatrist and physician's life. Munthe acquired the villa after moving to Capri in 1885. It’s one of the island's most-visited landmarks.

Grotta Azzurra - The Blue Grotto Capri

An attraction that is equally as popular as Villa San Michele is Tiberius' Sacred Sanctuary, better known as Grotto Azzurra or the Blue Grotto. Natural sunlight pours in through this cave via an underwater cavity, lighting up the cavern and the water that fills it. Grotto Azzurra's is 60 metres long and 25 metres wide. Cruise boat charter companies regularly organise trips to the sea cave, which you can explore on a guided kayak excursion. After kayaking through the metre-tall cave mouth, you will be temporarily confined in darkness, before the cavern's water is illuminated a stunning shade of crystalline blue.


Spend an afternoon or evening sipping coffee or wine at La Piazzetta, or "Chiazza" as the local people call it. Home to pavement cafes, cocktail bars, and celebrity-packed restaurants, it is considered "the most fashionable square in the world". Piazzetta welcomes festive crowds throughout the summer months and global people watchers, keen to observe beautiful people basking in the beautiful setting. You can get a glimpse into the area's past by wandering to the Centro Caprense Ignazio Cerio. This cultural centre is based a stone's throw from Piazzetta and enclosed within its walls are millions of years' worth of Capri history.

Capri Beaches

From secluded bays to private beach clubs, you can take your pick of Capri beaches. The many miniature coves are concealed between cliffs and the majority of them lure in sun worshippers with their public areas, sun loungers, and parasols. Ocean-facing cafés can be found at most Capri beaches, where an entrance fee is sometimes charged. The biggest beach on the archipelago is located at Marina Grande. Alternatively, enjoy a stroll along the small lanes that lead towards the pebbles of Palazzo a Mare beach. Faraglioni and Faro also boast their fair share of sunbathing spots.

Food and Drink in Capri

Capri Cuisine

Ravioli Capresi is without a doubt the most popular islander dish. Cooked in sage and melted butter, the cheese-filled pasta, and most other local specialities is prepared using locally-sourced ingredients. Examples of traditional cuisine include Chiummenzana (pasta sauce), Aumm Aumm Pasta (summer dish), and Totani Ripieni (stuffed cuttlefish).

Capri Restaurants

Quiet, cosy, and popular with the local people is Ristorante Terrazza Brunella, where fish is caught fresh from the coast and cooked by Italian chefs. Nearby Ristorante il Geranio, Ristorante Da Tonino, and Da Paolino are preferred eateries for group reservations, while Ristorante Le Grottelle and Bagni Le Ondine are two of the island's best restaurants for panoramic ocean views.

Going to Capri with easyJet holidays

Do you enjoy culture, sightseeing and reflecting on past times in sublime surroundings? If so, book your Capri holiday with easyJet holidays today. When you arrange your trip through our trusted team, you will have the flexibility to plan your Capri holidays exactly how you want to. Save even more money when you combine the Capri flight and hotel booking.