Amalfi Holidays

The heart of the Amalfi Coast

Hundreds of years ago, Amalfi was among the most important ports in southern Italy, but today it has swapped trading vessels for pleasure cruises. Amalfi holidays offer a taste of a glitzy destination that has wowed international visitors for centuries. One of the coast’s biggest and most popular towns, Amalfi enchants with its winding streets and squares, which never lead wanderers too far from the pebbly waterfront.

Impressive yachts are moored in the harbour in high season, creating as much of a spectacle as the historical cathedral and cloister in town. A famous paper museum hides in the nearby Mill Valley, giving an insight into one of Amalfi’s most famous exports. With a mix of exploration and relaxation, this town seduces visitors and delivers on its glamorous promises. But no matter how you choose to spend your holidays to Amalfi, sipping limoncello by the sea should be an essential component.

Your Amalfi questions, answered

There’s a verdant valley behind the town that’s as much a part of the Amalfi experience as the beach. If you’re up for it, spend time hiking its trails.

Consider basing yourself on a boat – there are many cruises around the Amalfi Coast, which offer a quiet retreat as well as access to secluded beaches.

Every four years, in early June, the town takes part in a traditional regatta competition against the other former maritime republics of Venice, Pisa and Genoa.

Best things to do in Amalfi

Relax in style

The waterfront is where the action is, especially during the summer months. Expect to find Italian families and vacationers vying for space on the beach.

Visit the cathedral

In the centre of town, Amalfi’s duomo houses the relics of Saint Andrew and is one of the few historic buildings that survived the 1343 earthquake.

Buy some paper

The town is known for its quality paper, still used in Italy for wedding invitations and other fancy correspondence. A nearby museum, in an old mill, explores its fascinating history.