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A romantic Turkish escape

Side’s reputation for romance is nothing new. Indeed, starry-eyed lovers have been coming to this fairy-tale city in Turkey for quite some time now. Marc Antony is said to have presented Cleopatra with the (still-standing) Apollo Temple as a token of his love and some people say it’s where they first met, back in the 1st century BC.

Relics from those ancient times are everywhere you look on Side holidays, from great stretches of masonry on the main shopping drags to a remarkably well-preserved, skyline-dominating amphitheatre that once upon a time echoed to the sound of gladiators in mortal combat.

Holidays to Side aren’t just about living in the past, though. The two main beaches, which are both gorgeous but very different, flank the town’s famous peninsula, the surrounding countryside is green and lush with vegetation, and there’s no shortage of upscale restaurants where you can enjoy a plate of fresh seafood and a chilled bottle of wine as you watch the sun go down.

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Your Side questions, answered

Side is pronounced ‘See-day’, so bear that in mind if you’re taking a bus or taxi anywhere. Translated from the Ancient Greek regional language Boeotia into English, it means pomegranate.
From spring until autumn, sea temperatures are warm and welcoming. The nearby Taurus Mountains, which run parallel to the coast, protect Side from the worst of the cold, even in winter.
The five remaining fluted columns of the famous Temple of Apollo standing by the waterside make for a great shot – catch it at sunrise for an unbeatable holiday snap.

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