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Holidays in Pisa

Travel Information

Language: Italian

Currency: Euros

Local time: GMT +2 hours

Nearest Airport

2 hours 30 minutes

City Breaks in Pisa

You’ve seen the pictures. You might have even heard the story about the famous lean. Now it’s your turn to get a photo next to one of Italy’s most famous landmarks. Almost every holidaymaker heading to Pisa does so with the thought of seeing the Leaning Tower up close. It doesn’t disappoint. It’s one of those attractions which looks even better in the flesh. The tower is found in Pisa’s Campo dei Miracoli. This square is a magnet for tourists, with a couple of Pisa’s other main attractions also found there, including the cathedral, baptistery and cemetery. You’ll come across plenty of holidaymakers looking to capture that perfect photo, which appears to show them pushing the tower over.

But there is far more to Pisa than just its tower. Just a walk around the city is a charming experience. As you wander down Pisa’s narrow, winding streets, you’ll come across quaint little shops selling souvenirs. If you’re feeling peckish, then there are plenty of trattorias and restaurants to discover on the back streets serving up some top notch grub. You can also visit Pisa’s pretty botanical gardens. Those holidaymakers who decide to hire a car or hop aboard the train can easily visit Pisa’s Tuscan neighbours. It’s a quick drive to some equally beautiful nearby towns and villages. It only takes a jiffy to reach the coast too, where you can take a break from the sightseeing and enjoy a refreshing splash in the sea.

Top Pisa resorts

San Miniato

Found between the Tuscany hotspots of Pisa and Florence, the little town of San Miniato is definitely worth a stop. You can stretch your legs along the quiet streets and stumble upon hidden nooks and crannies. There are several landmarks to see in San Miniato; a couple of very pretty churches and well-preserved old buildings. Arguably the best thing about this hillside town are the views over the surrounding area.


If you’re looking for a day trip from Pisa, then Lucca can easily be reached either by car or train. Once you’ve had your fill of the historical landmarks in Pisa, you can learn even more about the area in Lucca. There are the remains of a Roman amphitheatre to take a peek at, along with towers, villas and Lucca’s cathedral, which date back to the middle ages.


The busy port of Livorno is usually a stop-off point for the cruise ships. But there’s much more to see in Livorno than just the view from the harbour. There’s a canal network in Livorno, similar to the one found in Venice. It makes for a brilliant boat tour. Booking a place on the city tour boat rides is a great way to get a close-up glimpse of Livorno, particularly for holidaymakers with children.

Best Things to Do in Pisa

Exploring Pisa...

Leaning Tower

You’ll barely have set foot in Pisa before you’re heading off to take a look at the tower. Built in the 11th and 12th centuries as a bell tower for Pisa’s cathedral, the tower’s unique slant has made it a global attraction. You can either climb to the top of the tower or take pictures of the lawns around it. Once you’ve had a look at the tower, take a look at the other attractions in the square. The duomo cathedral, in particular, is worth closer look.

Botanical Gardens

Holidaymakers can spend so long gazing at the Leaning Tower, that they can overlook some of Pisa’s other attractions. The nearby botanical gardens are one of Pisa’s best-kept secrets and one of the oldest of their type in Europe. There are flowers from across the world in the gardens, which are a great place to relax. The famous astronomer Galileo’s former house is found on the south side of the gardens and has been turned into a museum.


One of the best times to visit Pisa is during June’s festival season. Celebrations light up the city during the Giugno Pisano, with music, parades and dancing. There’s a historic theme to the partying, with revellers dressing up in costumes from the middle ages. You’ll come across the odd spot of sword-fighting too. 

Beaches in Pisa

Relaxing on a beach may not be one of the first things that springs to mind when you think of a holiday to Pisa. But you can reach Italy’s west coast in a jiffy. It’s an interesting drive there, with green woodland suddenly giving way to golden sands. Marina di Pisa, Tirrenia and Calambrone are some of the more popular beaches within easy reach. Marina di Pisa is particularly good for families, with a gentle current in the sea.

Food and drink in Pisa

Tuscany cuisine

Pick virtually anything on the menu in Tuscany and you’re likely to order something delicious. There’s a great range of dishes to try here. Among the local favourites are bavettine sul pesce - a seafood pasta - and zuppa di ranocchi - a frog soup. If the idea of the latter doesn’t quite float your boat, try one of the local flatbreads called cecina.

Restaurants in Pisa

You won’t have any problems finding somewhere good to eat in Pisa. There are tons of restaurants on the main street and side streets leading down to the leaning tower. You can push the boat out at one of the fine-dining eateries or head to a family trattoria cooking good old fashioned Italian grub.

Going to Pisa with easyJet holidays

See one of the world’s most famous buildings by booking a holiday to Pisa. After you’ve taken hundreds of photos next to the Leaning Tower, take a look at what else Pisa has to offer; beautiful countryside, top food and cute souvenir shops. By booking your holiday with easyJet holidays, you can take the stress out of your visit to Pisa. You’ll even save cash by booking a hotel and flight together with easyJet holidays. If you’re still in two minds, take a look at our other Italy destination guides. 


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