Explore characterful in Umag

Umag is a wonderful resort, offering rustic charm, beautiful buildings and amenities for a memory filled holiday. Located on the Istrian Riviera, the city offers culture, an historic backstory mixed with contemporary activities, including tours, nautical exertions and beaches with cobalt tides lapping up to them. Stunning architecture fills the City area, with the skyline dominated by the ornate The Assumption of the Virgin Mary Church offering historical interest to clientele interested in these features. Beaches are dotted along the coastline and provide a different way of life. Inviting waters where you can swim and snorkel are popular pastimes. As are the boat trips and water sports that you can book locally. Holidaying in Umag offers a faster-pace break where variety is common-place. It’s no surprise, Umag is considered one of Croatia’s most alluring and feature rich cities.

Your Umag questions, answered

You can find real variety in the City and along its coastline. From culture, history to maritime based pursuits, you’ll find Umag engaging and appealing.

Throughout the City and resort, you’ll find diversity in the cuisines offered. From Mediterranean to European to seafood-based, you won’t be short of choice.

While Umag does have some luxurious restaurants, there are more than enough options to suit every budget.

Best things to do in Umag

See Umag’s marine life

Jump aboard a local glass bottom boat to view the underwater world that surrounds Umag. The colours are vivid and fascinating.

Walk around the City

With the imposing church, the drawbridge and the museum, a walk around uncovers so much historical interest.

Head to the beach

Away from the centre, beaches await you to kick back and unwind. The waters are inviting if you want to paddle or swim.