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Holidays in Playa De Muro


Nestled in the bay of Alcúdia on the northern coast of Majorca, Playa de Muro is a great location to grab a slice of Mediterranean life. This coastal region of sandy beaches and breathtaking scenery is sandwiched between the two major resort towns in the island’s north – Alcúdia and C’an Picafort – resulting in a heady mixture of stunning beaches, historic sights of interest, vibrant nightlife, and areas of outstanding natural beauty.

The beach at Playa de Muro stretches for an impressive 14km – almost uninterrupted all the way from Alcúdia to C’an Picafort, so there’s never any shortage of sunbathing space! This vast expanse of golden sand has been awarded a Blue Flag, and is generally heralded as one of the island’s best beaches. The area is also surrounded by rugged mountainous landscape, which provides the ideal setting for a heart-pumping hike. Nature lovers will enjoy a day out to the S’Albufera Natural Park on Playa de Muro’s outskirts, which becomes the nesting ground for over 200 species of bird each year, or a wander into the mountains in the surrounding area, such as Puig de Sant Martí, which offers gorgeous views from its summit right out over the bay of Alcúdia.

Top Playa de Muro resorts


For the beach-going culture vulture, Alcúdia’s old town is host to some impressive historic monuments and sites of interest, like the 14th Century wall that encircles the town, which makes for an interesting walk – as long as you’re not squeamish! Also keep your eye out for the remains of an old roman town and theatre. The town’s typically Majorcan, narrow winding streets are great to just wander around, soaking up the atmosphere, with market days (Sundays and Tuesdays) particularly busy.

Alcúdia Port, where the old town meets the sea, is also a great place to visit. With a picturesque harbour, lots of bars, restaurants, shops, a wide sheltered beach, and even a waterpark, it can’t be accused of sitting still!  

C’an Picafort

C’an Picafort, the town to the eastern end of the region’s 14km-long beach, also makes a great base for a beach holiday at Playa de Muro. More modern than the town of Alcúdia to the west of the bay, its long, traffic-free promenade is lined with lots of bars, restaurants, and shops, selling a wide range of traditional and international food, with quite a vibrant nightlife scene to boot.


At bit further afield (but still only a short drive away from Playa de Muro), is the historic town of Pollença. This medieval town has some impressive architecture, beautiful narrow winding streets, and remains largely untouched by the island’s tourism industry. Visitors with strong legs can tackle the walk to the top of the famous 365 Calvari Steps, with exceptional views for miles around from their top. We recommend treating yourself to a nice cold glass of sangria once you reach the summit.

IBEROSTAR Albufera Park

Playa de Muro, Majorca

An apartment hotel adjacent to the crystal-clear waters of Alcudia Bay - perfect for families.

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Things to Do in Playa De Muro

Exploring Playa de Muro…

Spanish festivals

The Spanish know how to throw a party (or fiesta!), and if you are lucky enough to visit Playa de Muro during the summer, there are plenty of festivals and events to keep you entertained.

One of the highlights of the festival calendar is the festival of St James, Alcúdia’s patron saint. This festival sees the whole town decked out in a special theme (previous themes include medieval, and retro flower-power), for a full week of celebrations. It culminates with a fantastic fireworks display and a concert on the town’s old walls.

There’s also C’an Picafort’s somewhat bizarre Fiesta of the Ducks – or Amollada d’Anneres – in August. Locals dive into the sea to catch one of hundreds of yellow rubber ducks (the use of real ducks was outlawed some time ago). The origins of this unusual fiesta are unknown, but it’s reported to have been going on for about eighty years. You might be lucky enough to take one of the coveted ducks home as a trophy!

A Relaxing Day at the Beach

The beach at Playa de Muro really is the star attraction, and no trip here would be complete without spending a day relaxing by the sea, soaking up the sun. There are lots of hotels that back right onto the beachfront, all the way from Alcúdia to C’an Picafort, which means that wherever you stay, you’ll be a short stroll from the sand and sea. With such a vast stretch of beach to explore, there’s no shortage of secluded spots, even in the height of summer.

Nights Out

As Playa de Muro is situated in the island’s north, which is typically quieter than the busy resort towns of the south, the nightlife scene is quite subdued. However, the area still features some excellent bars that put on great evening entertainment and a number of clubs. There are also regular bus services from the town that take visitors to Majorca’s party capital, Magaluf, which tend to get back at around 6 am.

Food and Drink at Playa de Muro

Food and drink at Playa de Muro has a really international feel, and you can expect all the usual favourites on most of the menus in the area, including steak, burgers, and chips. However, the region also has some really amazing local cuisine. Seafood features heavily in these local dishes, with seafood paella a speciality at many restaurants.

Meson Los Patos, in Alcúdia Port, is one of the region’s best restaurants and is well worth a visit for its selection of gourmet takes on traditional Majorcan cooking. The food markets at Alcúdia’s old town are also a great place to pick up some local produce, and some really tasty street food. Test out your Spanish and get haggling!

Going to Playa de Muro with easyJet Holidays

With a rich cultural heritage to explore, stunning scenery, great food, and a 14 km stretch of Blue Flag certified beach, a holiday to Playa de Muro has something for everyone.

Booking your holiday to Playa de Muro with easyJet holidays is the best way to visit this beautiful area, as you can make massive savings on your holiday when you book your flight and hotel together. If Playa de Muro isn’t quite hitting the spot, head back and browse our other Majorca destinations.