Lefkada Holidays

A dramatic, Ionian beach island

With its white sand beaches and turquoise water, Lefkada holidays can feel like a trip to the Caribbean. This charming Ionian island, which sits off the west coast of mainland Greece, has an interior thick with pine forests, olive groves and traditional stone villages set along winding roads. The colours here are paint box-dramatic – sunsets decorate the entire sky red, while in the west of the island, dramatic white cliffs plunge directly into the bright blue sea.

You could easily fill a week relaxing by the beach, but holidays to Lefkada have great options for adrenaline enthusiasts, too. You can paraglide over cliffs, windsurf and kite surf across the bays, and mountain bike on trails that cut through the forested hills. Or you can take boat rides around the island, jump straight into the crystal-clear water or swim through underwater caves. Thanks to its rich farming and fishing history, the food is delicious island-wide – don’t miss the fresh seafood and traditional olive oil cake. For a cosmopolitan evening, head to Lefkada Town to marvel at its port, colourful clapboard houses and array of lively bars and restaurants. For staggering beaches that you won’t quite believe are in Europe, sensational natural scenery and scores of outdoor activities, look no further than a holiday to Lefkada.

Three tips for a top trip

Take to the water
Some of Lefkada’s best beaches are only reachable by boat. Be sure to book an all-day boat trip and explore the island’s stunning western coast.
Feast on lentils
In Lefkada, lentils are known as ‘black gold’ and some of the world’s best pulses can be found, and tasted, in the mountain village of Egklouvi.
Surf the breeze
Lefkada has a reputation as a windsurfer’s paradise, so it’s a great place to book some classes and have a go at this fun water sport.

Best attractions to see in Lefkada

Egremni Beach

Backed by huge cliffs and fringed by dazzling blue waters, this 2.5-kilometre stretch of white sand is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.


Go for dinner in this traditional stone village in the mountains of interior Lefkada – it’s the best place on the whole island to watch the sunset.

Nidri Waterfalls

Hike through Nidri’s mystical pine-tree forests to reach these beautiful waterfalls, which feature natural pools where, if you’re brave, you can bathe in cold, clear mountain water.

Your Lefkada questions, answered

Yes. With so many hidden villages and beaches to find, a car gives you the freedom you need to explore the island at your leisure.

Typically, summertime is hot and sunny while winter is milder and there’s a greater chance of rain. Whatever time of year you come, there’s nearly always a pleasant, cooling breeze.

Thanks to its perfect beaches, timeless villages, moreish Greek food and wide range of adventure sports, Lefkada holidays will appeal to every type of traveller.