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Holidays in Calas De Mallorca


Visitors to the purpose-built resort of Calas de Mallorca are treated to a spectacular location with superb sea views. Calas de Mallorca is ultimately a quiet, peaceful area, but your holiday will be as chock-full of holiday goodness as you like.

Calas de Mallorca is a great family destination, with three charming beaches, and a funfair, crazy golf and plenty of cycling and walking trails. As this is such a small resort, most hotels boast easy access to the nearby beaches, and the area is made up of local shops and restaurants. So roll out the sun cream and take your position to catch some rays in Calas de Mallorca.

Top resorts nearby to Calas de Mallorca

Cala Gran

If you’re feeling in the mood to explore some of Majorca during your stay at Calas de Mallorca, Cala Gran is a real treasure of the island, located just north along the coast from Calas de Mallorca. You’ll explore quaint sandy coves with rock pooling, where fish swim and warm waves lap around your feet. Cala Gran also has a beautiful secluded beach perfect for the kids to play and splash or for Mum and Dad enjoy a drink or two at one of the beach bars a little bit further away. Regular boat trips around the area also give a tour of the cove and its stunning surroundings.

Playa de S’Amarador

An idyllic beach and cove, Playa de S’Amarador is a beach lover's dream. Warm waters lap up to a perfectly sandy beach. The whole cove is surrounded by natural woodlands and trails if you’re feeling adventurous enough to leave the sand. Mondrago is only a short walk away; here you can get your shopping fix, as well as try interesting cafés and a number of well-stocked bars. Although that said, the beach bar at Playa de S’Amarador is also perfect if you just want to stay and idle the day away in the sunshine!

Porto Cristo

Buzzy Majorcan town life is only a short trip away from Calas de Mallorca, and there’s plenty to see and enjoy in this bustling harbour. Take a morning stroll around the harbour to hear the tinkering of masts in the light breeze, before enjoying a light lunch in one of the many cafés that ooze character and flavour in equal doses. The afternoon is your oyster, with everything from buggy tours and boat trips, to wine-tasting and natural parks to visit. The local beach is also a great vantage point to enjoy a sunset and even an evening swim before you head back down the coast to Calas de Mallorca.

Club Palia Maria Eugenia

Calas de Majorca, Mallorca, Spain

A modern hotel situated on a stunning cliff top within metres of the Mediterranean.

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Things to Do in Calas De Mallorca

Exploring Calas de Mallorca…


Majorca is famous for fun and adrenaline-filled water-sport experiences, and Calas de Mallorca is a big part of this. There are boat trips, jet skiing, and snorkelling, as well as some great swimming spots all along the beautiful coastline. The resorts within Calas de Mallorca also offer water polo to enjoy with family and other holiday makers - and it can get suitably competitive!

Western Water Park

If you want to experience the thrills and spills of Magaluf’s huge water park, with nerve-jangling flumes, rapids, waves and all-around wildness to keep you amused for hours! The park is really family-friendly, with neat divisions between activities for younger kids and adrenaline-seeking bigger kids…and adults! The Lago la Mina features gentler slides but still offers lots of fun for smaller children, while The Beast flume and its 30-metre vertical drop will test the nerve of anyone who dares ride it!

Starfish Glass-Bottomed Boats

Enjoy idling away a few hours on one of these really cool boats, that give great views of the sea life below the waves. During a glass-bottomed boat trip, you’ll also stop off at some spectacular coves and beaches to either stay on the boat and drift off or spend some time on secluded beaches. You can also enjoy a swim in the deeper blue waters for a cooling and invigorating experience.

Caves of Drach

A huge and natural cave system with stunning lighting effects and a spectacular underground lake, the Caves of Drach are a must-visit site. Located just up the coast from Calas de Mallorca, the experience also includes an underground classical music concert by the water, which makes for an unforgettable sight. While there you’ll also take to the water on a boat ride across the dark, silent underground lake.

Parc Natural de Mondrago

If you’re in the mood for some outdoor time after your visit to the subterranean world of the caves, look no further than the Parc Natural de Mondrago. Easily accessible from Calas de Mallorca, you’ll delight in the beautiful trails, shady routes and stunning views if you take the inland path. In the coastal direction, idyllic coves, lazy sounds of waves and sea air await you. You can also reach the park by boat ride, which makes for a wholly relaxing and enjoyable start to your adventure.

Going to Calas de Mallorca with easyJet holidays

Calas de Mallorca is a superb resort, with plenty of fun activities and excursions. The eastern Mallorcan destination looks out into the stunning shimmering blue of the Mediterranean, and hills and plentiful untouched terrain in the surrounding countryside make for pleasant walks and cycling tours.

easyJet holidays can take care of your entire Calas de Mallorca holiday for you with one simple booking. By booking your flights and accommodation with us, we’ll be able to bundle the best value package possible for you. Calas de Mallorca is calling – you won’t be disappointed!