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Cava de Tirreni Holidays

The historic Amalfi Coast gateway

Nestled in the hills above the region’s coastal towns, Cava de Tirreni was once the northern gateway to the Amalfi Coast. Today, Cava de Tirreni holidays still inspire visitors with a wealth of historical sites and pristine landscapes. Known for its religious sanctuaries and abbeys, the town grew during medieval and Renaissance times into a prosperous industrial hub. Its various hamlets connected slowly as the town grew larger, and today the small town remembers its important past, celebrating the 15th-century role its soldiers played in saving the king from an enemy ambush.

There’s a slice of Italian life to be found here that’s unlike other areas on the coast, with grand edifices and monuments built by monks and clergy, all of which offer unique cultural excursions. Holidays to Cava de Tirreni blend history with the Amalfi Coast’s natural beauty, making the town and its surrounds a very worthwhile destination.

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Your Cava de Tirreni questions, answered

Tucked away in the hills, the town is not directly on the coast. But Cava de Tirreni is only a short drive from the beaches, also accessible by public transport.
The climate is typically Mediterranean, with mild winters and dry summers, but the surrounding mountains may bring a bit more rain, so pack an umbrella just in case.
Artisanal and handmade goods can be found throughout the town, but Cava de Tirreni is particularly known for its ceramics, which make excellent gifts and souvenirs.

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