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Holiday disruption

In times of disruption: What might happen and what you might expect
easyJet works really hard to keep to the scheduled flight times for your holiday, but sometimes things don’t always go as they should, so here you’ll find more information on how we can support you in times of travel disruption. 
Flight tracker
Use flight tracker on the easyJet website or app.
Check your emails
We'll use the email address used to book your holiday.
Regular updates
You might hear about different parts of your holiday separately.
Latest travel info
Use our latest travel information page on our website.

Flight tracker: If your flight is disrupted or you’re caught up in a travel delay, such as weather related delays, easyJet will always do its best to get in touch with you to let you know and share the latest travel advice. And it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the easyJet flight tracker as it usually has the most up to date information. You can find the flight tracker here on the easyJet website or on the easyJet app. 

Check your emails: We communicate with our customers over email using the email address you shared with us at the time you booked your holiday. Depending on the situation we may also send you a text message with information again using the contact number you provided to us, and usually we use the message to let you know to look at your email inbox. 

Ongoing updates: As we look after your entire holiday booking, there might be several parts of your trip that we’re having to adjust. We focus on flights first, then we look at your hotel and then we move to updating or securing your transfers (if they’re included in your package). At each step, we work closely with our trusted partners. So, you might expect to hear from us in separate updates – that’s normal. And the reason for multiple updates is so that we can get the information to you as quickly as we can, so thanks for your patience. 

Travel info page: If the delay or disruption is being caused by something affecting lots of customers or other holiday companies or airlines, we may also have more information or travel advisories on our latest travel info page.

We’ll usually proactively contact customers by email and SMS if there are any changes to your flight, and this information is also available online, so there should be no need to call us for this information. You can view the latest live information on your new flight by logging onto and looking at your booking. You’ll need your flight details and flight reference number beginning with a 'K', which you can find in emails that we've previously sent.
We usually try to organise transportation to take you to your new UK departure airport. If you have an overnight delay, we’ll also try to find you somewhere to stay for the night. Depending on the circumstance, timing and availability this may be close to your original departure airport or close to your new departure airport. If we invite you to make your own arrangements, please keep hold of any receipts for reasonable expenses that you can then claim for.
Unless we’ve contacted you to say otherwise, if you fly back to a different UK airport you should make your own way home, and ensure you keep receipts to make a claim for reasonable expenses.
If you’re needing to come home earlier or later than your original return flight due to an incident or disruption, and you’re able to book your own transport home which departs at least a day earlier than the flight we’ve booked you on, then you’ll be able to claim for reasonable expenses. We just ask that you let us know you’ve done this by using the email address we've communicated to you on, so that we can ensure your original seats can be made available for other customers to get home. 

If you need somewhere to stay overnight, we’ll contact you to let you know the details or to let you know if you’re able to find and book your own and claim back reasonable expenses. We have a UK based 24/7 On Holiday Support team who will be working hard to support any of our customers who need us in times like this. 

Unfortunately, easyJet holidays customers are unable to use the easyJet airline self-service app at the moment to book overnight accommodation or alternative flights because this does not link the flights to the other parts of your holiday package such as transfer or overseas hotel.

Your rights: What you're entitled to when things don't go exactly to plan
Your flights with easyJet are protected under passenger rights legislation (including EC261) and you can read more about your rights here.

In addition to these rights, your package holiday is subject to the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018, and this provides you with protection if things don’t go to plan. Our approach to different situations reflects our responsibility to you under these regulations.

Please note, the following scenarios are based on events that are unavoidable and extraordinary, and therefore outside of our control. This means that we aren’t required to pay compensation to you.

Making a claim: Where to go if you need to submit an expense or compensation claim

In case you’re caught up in a lengthy delay or unfortunate disruption, we're sharing below all the information you need on how to claim compensation and expenses should you wish to, and once you've checked you're eligible.  

For both these claims, you'll need your easyJet flight details and flight reference number beginning with a 'K', which you'll find in emails that we've previously sent. You'll be able to add your bank details too so that we can organise any refunds directly to your account. We have dedicated teams working through these claims, but at times we experience high volumes, so we’re sorry in advance if there’s a small delay processing yours. 

For compensation claims, the information on what you can claim for and how this works can be found here.

easyJet holidays - plane icon
easyJet holidays - plane icon

Compensation claim form

Flight compensation, known as EC261, and governed by aviation regulation, can be claimed for on the easyJet website. As it's a formal process, we have to follow the correct procedures so please fill out the claim form.
easyJet holidays - email icon
easyJet holidays - email icon

Expenses claim form

To claim back any disruption related expenses, you’ll need to complete the claim form. Please ensure you attach receipts for the items you’re looking to claim back, these receipts will need to include the correct dates and currency.
You can claim back expenses for certain costs you’ve incurred, such as:   

- Reasonable overnight accommodation until the date of the flight home we booked for you 
- Reasonable food and drink (excluding alcohol) until the date of the flight home we booked for you 
- Reasonable alternative transport home, if it departed before the flight home we booked for you or if you’d made that alternative booking before we’d communicated your new flight booking 
- Reasonable transport home from your UK airport, if it was not your original departure airport 
- If your plans changed due to incident or disruption, and you didn’t receive any flight extras you’d booked such as large cabin bags, or the seats you’d selected   
- If your plans changed due to incident or disruption, and you weren’t able to go on your booked experience through our partner Musement as an addition to your easyJet holidays package, we may be able to help you recover a refund from them 
If you have other expenses you’ve incurred and would like to claim back, we strongly recommend contacting your travel insurance provider, especially for expenses such as:  

- Missed days at work 
- Missed appointments 
- Medical bills 
- Pet care   
Each situation varies and while we’d always consider all reasonable expenses claims – see above – it depends on the reason for the delay or disruption as to whether you’re eligible or not. Sometimes if a situation is an “extraordinary circumstance” or completely out of our control, then there won’t be any compensation due.
Getting in touch: Where to go if you still need help

If the disruption is widespread or if the circumstances are very exceptional then we’re really sorry but our phone lines may be really busy.  

While we know you sometimes just want to talk to someone, our teams are usually working really hard to get everything sorted for you. At the point you’re trying to call us, we may not also have any more information to share with you, so it’s best if you wait to hear from us. This also means we can focus on the task at hand of re-arranging your travel plans as needed. 

Please keep an eye on your email inbox for updates from us. We may also send you a text message with information. We use the contact details you provided when you booked your holiday. 

If you're still really needing to talk to us, use our contact us page below to find the right email or phone number or browse frequently asked questions on our help centre.