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Discover the tranquility of Gerani, a charming village on the northwest coast of Crete, just a short drive from Chania. This idyllic destination offers a perfect blend of traditional charm and natural beauty. With its scattering of fragrant olive groves, along with cypress and citrus trees, a walk towards the beach past the vineyards provides that iconic Greek holiday scent that you just want to bottle up and take home with you. 

Explore the narrow streets adorned with colourful flowers, visit the local tavernas for authentic Cretan cuisine, and enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals. The village is ideally situated for leisurely strolls to the stretches of Blue Flag beaches, or venturing into the surrounding hills for panoramic views of the iconic Mediterranean landscape. Gerani offers a glimpse into Cretan village life – the perfect place to unwind and experience the authentic beauty of this famous island.


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Your Gerani questions, answered

Fly direct to Chania, which takes the best part of four hours. From there, a 20-30 minute drive west will get you to the beautiful village of Gerani. 
Local cheeses, world-famous olive oil and liqueurs that pack a punch. Herby lamb dishes, lots of moreish dips accompanied by hot, fluffy pita – it’s a foodie paradise. 
Chania is just 20 minutes east of Gerani. Explore the colourful 14th-century Venetian harbour, insta-worthy narrow streets, and dine in the waterfront restaurants. 

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