Murcia Holidays

A charming, truly relaxed city

Murcia has stumbled upon an enviable formula for a great city. There is history to be uncovered along every street, and gorgeous buildings at every turn. There’s a wonderfully warm climate, a preoccupation with food that has given birth to numerous excellent restaurants, and just enough hustle, bustle and buzz to remind you that yes, you are in a city. But, crucially, Murcia also knows how to relax, and it does so in style. This means that Murcia city breaks are a lesson in laid-back living.

Visitors will appreciate all the comforts of a well-developed urban area, but you’ll also have a magnificent coastal corner of Spain on your doorstep – beach-side ambience that rubs off on the city’s vibe. The overall result is a quietly captivating city that cries out to be explored at a leisurely pace. There’s more than enough going on to satisfy those who want to pack lots into their trip, but city breaks to Murcia are best enjoyed one step at a time. Explore at leisure, soak up all it has to offer, and ensure you allow time to thoroughly investigate the city’s fondness for desserts and sweet treats. Murcia really does know what it’s doing.

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Three tips for a top trip

Hire a bike
Cycling is a popular way to get around. There are hills to be conquered if you want a challenge, but plenty of easygoing routes for leisurely riders as well.
Carrascoy y El Valle
Spanning a vast area, this wild and rugged regional park is located about 6 kilometres from the city. It’s loved by locals for its hiking trails and abundant wildlife, including rare birds.
Hit the beach
Leave city life behind for a day and head to the coast – around 40 minutes’ drive away. There, you’ll find enticing sandy beaches, warm waters and hidden bays.

Best attractions to see in Murcia

Real Casino de Murcia

This gloriously grandiose mid-19th-century building is a wonderful mix of architectural styles, and holds plenty of history and fascinating stories within its many opulent rooms.

Catedral de Santa Maria

Murcia Cathedral is a striking and beautiful landmark at the heart of the city, both geographically and symbolically. An essential stop on any visit to Murcia.

Floridablanca Gardens

This large public garden is perfect for a romantic stroll at any time. Its tall, winding trees and exotic flora are plucked straight from a fairy tale.

Your Murcia questions, answered

The city has a fantastic climate, basking in sunshine throughout the year but without getting unbearably hot. Maximum summer temperatures are around 27 degrees in July and August.

Try a rejuvenating ‘café asiatico’ – a popular local cocktail made with coffee, condensed milk, brandy and Licor 43, a vanilla-tinged Spanish liqueur made in nearby Cartagena.

Go for one or two tapas at a time and maybe order a small drink with each. Mix it up, take your time and enjoy.