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Holidays to Colonia Sant Jordi

Travel Information

Language: Spanish

Currency: Euros

Local time: GMT/BST+1

Nearest Airport

Majorca - Palma

In an island famous for its touristy destinations, Colonia Sant Jordi is a hidden gem off the beaten path. Nature lovers, water sports enthusiasts and foodies will love this traditional fishing village in Majorca’s sout-heast coast. Established in the 1800s as a fishing and agricultural colony, its rich history dates back to the Bronze Age. The Romans were big fans of the region’s salt, which is still produced today. In fact, there’s a summer festival dedicated to it. Head to Colonia Sant Jordi in August and watch the locals produce salt using traditional methods. If over 30 degree temperatures are not you’re thing – but you still want to catch some sun – the town’s patron is celebrated on 23rd April with a big fiesta. Festivals aside, Colonia Sant Jordi’s party scene is not as big as its neighbour Cala d’Or’s. But you can always head there after a foodie tour of the village, which includes stops at Colonia Sant Jordi’s best bars.

Colonia Sant Jordi, also known as Port de Campos, is surrounded by stunning beaches and two National Parks. Stay here and you’ll be a stone’s throw from Es Trenc and Ets Estanys, two of Majorca’s most iconic beaches. There are also lots of little coves in case you want to get away from the crowds. It’s worth renting a car so you can explore the region at your own pace.

Seasoned travellers, families and couples will love this peaceful coastal town. If you want to experience a slice of traditional Majorcan life in between sun bathing, Colonia Sant Jordi is the perfect place for you.  

Top Colonia Sant Jordi resorts

Ses Salinas

This quiet village is nestled in the southernmost point of Majorca. Mostly a residential area, Ses Salinas is ideal for those looking to experience traditional Majorcan rural life. The agricultural village is steeped in history, from Bronze Age ruins to the famous San Bartolome church. But it’s not all about soaking up the local culture in Ses Salinas, there are plenty of surrounding beaches to get your tan on too. 

Cala d’Or

Unlike the party towns of Majorca’s west coast, Cala d’Or’s nightlife opts for a more sophisticated vibe. The resort is perfect for both families, couples and friends looking for a lively atmosphere, without the rowdiness. You might even find similarities with Ibiza, as the town was built to resemble the party island’s famous architecture.


Looking for a taste of real Majorcan charm? Stay in Campos. Nature lovers will feel at home. There are lots of walking paths in the surrounding National Parks, and hiking opportunities in the mountains. Twitchers will also love the nearby marshes. The village is also close to Colonia Sant Jordi’s famous beaches and coves, ideal if you want to sunbathe as well as enjoy nature. 

Things to Do in Colonia Sant Jordi

Exploring Colonia Sant Jordi…

Explore Sa Cabrera National Park

Sail from Colonia Sant Jordi’s original fishing harbour to this stunning rocky island off the south-east coast. It’s uninhabited and there is no commercial development, perfect for a peaceful day surrounded by unspoilt landscape. Once a heaven for pirates and a prisoner camp during the Napoleonic Wars, Cabrera has plenty of history to go with its stunning beaches.

Walk from Ets Estanys to Es Trenc

The walk from Ets Estanys to Es Trenc is a great way to explore two of Majorca’s most emblematic beaches. Start at the salt flats in Ets Estany and make your way to Es Trenc, taking in the views of crystal clear blue waters and surrounding wildlife. If you go in the evening, you might catch one of Es Trenc’s famous moonlight parties.

Shop at the Wednesday Market

There’s no place like a Majorcan market to get a taste of the local culture. Colonia Sant Jordi’s Wednesday market has everything you need. From artisan souvenirs to take home to local delicacies like sobrassada, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

Visit Mondrago Natural Park

With its rolling fields, rocky hills and commitment to fauna and flora preservation, Mondrago is a paradise for nature lovers. It’s a great place to learn about how Majorca’s forefathers lived, with many traditional rustic cottages and waterwheels preserved in great condition. Don’t forget your camera, the views are something else.

Food and drink in Colonia Sant Jordi

Majorcan Cuisine

In Majorca, you’ll find delicacies specific to the Balearic islands as well as Mediterranean cuisine staples. Locally produced olive oil and Ramallet tomatoes will find their way into every tostada or bocata. No coffee is complete without a slice of ensaimada, Majorca’s typical pastry cake. Fresh fish and seafood are also popular, as are local spiced cured meats. And of course, a visit to Spain wouldn’t be the same without sampling some amazing tapas.

Colonia Sant Jordi restaurants

Colonia Sant Jordi has a great selection of restaurants and bars to choose from. If you want to get a better idea of where’s good, we recommend you do the Thursday Night Tapas trail. It’s a great way to get a good sense of where’s good, and experience Colonia Sant Jordi’s food and drink like a local.

Locally produced salt is a staple in most Colonia Sant Jordi eateries, from fine dining spots like Sal de Coco to breakfast cafes. You can even buy some to bring home at the Wednesday Market.

Going to Colonia Sant Jordi with easyJet holidays

Holidaymakers looking to enjoy both breathtaking beaches and nature will love Colonia Sant Jordi. Its traditional village feel will charm everyone, from seasoned travellers to families with small – and not so small – children. Even party animals will enjoy its bar scene, with lively Cala d’Or just a stone’s throw away.

Book your trip to Colonia Sant Jordi with easyJet holidays for a hassle-free getaway. Best of all, you’ll save on your holiday when you book your flight and hotel together with easyJet holidays.  

Colonia Sant Jordi not doing it for you? Have a read of our other Majorca destinations to find something that suits you.