Ride the riptides in La Pared

Dominated by its sandy beaches, crashing surf and jagged coastline, La Pared is a destination for travellers who are interested in beach life. The surf is what attracts many, and the obliging surf schools dotted along the beach will assist you take advantages of the waves – you’ll be up to speed in no time! Whilst it’s highly attractive to surfers, swimmers might not enjoy the strong currents so much. However, there is the wonderful beach to rest and relax on and soak up some rays, read a book or just kick-back gaze at the beauty of the coast. Walkers and photographers also enjoy the coast for that very reason – it’s a spectacle that will live long in the memory. La Pared itself is rustic, yet charming with restaurants serving tapas and traditional Spanish cuisine nearby. Costa Calma is worth visiting.

All your questions, answered

Whilst the sea is attractive to surfers, the beach is ample for families to enjoy its scope. However, the jagged steps can be difficult.

There are plenty of activities on Fuerteventura for you to explore if occasionally you fancy a change of scene. Puerto Del Rosario for instance.

Throughout the year La Pared, on average, enjoys a splendid climate. The sea breeze is welcome in the summer whilst other seasons are also comfortable.

Best things to do in La Pared

Hang Ten

Get to Playa de la Pared and book in with a surf school. You can be tutored on surfing successfully and riding the riptides.

Costa Calma is calling

Just 20 minutes is Costa Calma with a whole host of attractions and facilities. The African Market and Oasis Park to name just two highlights.

Visit Montaña de Tindaya