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Make great savings with thousands of free child places - even during school holidays! Free places are available on selected hotels and flights so if they are sold out on one flight you might still find them if you change dates or times or even fly from a different airport. Free child places are mainly available on 7, 10, 11 and 14 night holidays to beach destinations departing between 1/4/22 and 31/10/22.

Travelling with little ones in tow can really push up the price of family holidays. With our free child place offers you can holiday together AND make massive savings. Suddenly that two week break in the sun looks much more inviting. With a free child place all the extra costs are taken care of - with everything from flight tickets to transfers, luggage and even hotel costs. Better still, if you’re booking an all-inclusive holiday, meals and drinks are included too.

Now that your bank balance can take a breather, why not pick one of our free child place deals? If youre looking for a little inspiration, Tenerife is an ideal family-holiday destination. With year-round sun and plenty of activities and attractions, its a family-friendly favourite. For great beaches and a short flight time - perfect for little ones who just cant sit still, the Costa Del Sol is a Spanish hotspot. Offer conditions apply.