A charming Croatian seaside haunt

Novigrad is a beautiful little fishing town, packed with history, enticing food and spellbinding scenery. Located in the far north of Croatia towards Italy, life ticks along at a laid-back Mediterranean pace, and days can be spent exploring Novigrad’s winding cobblestone streets or pausing in its gleaming piazzas with a cold drink. The seaside scenery is particularly pretty, as the town’s pastel-hued buildings cast striking reflections on the rippling water.

Novigrad holidays are really all about relaxing – unwinding under the shaded canopy of one of the excellent local cafés, enjoying the breeze that blows between the pines, savouring a top-notch gelato (said to be some of the best you’ll find outside of Italy) or bagging a sunbathing spot at the beach. It’s heavy on romance, too – the marina makes the perfect spot for couples to stroll along, enjoying each other’s company. Whatever type of Mediterranean escape you’re looking for, you’re sure to fall in love with holidays to Novigrad.

Your Novigrad questions, answered

Novigrad is very close to the border with Italy. The region was once under Italian rule and its influence remains – including in dual-language signs and the fine cuisine.

There are hotels for all budgets in Novigrad, from upscale spots if you’re looking to be pampered, to others which offer great value for money.

Like the Italians, the Istrians have a taste for the good life, and you’ll taste it everywhere, from the excellent olive oil to the delicious white wine.

Best things to do in Novigrad

Discover a shipwreck

Just off the coast lies the rusting hulk of a British Royal Navy battle ship. Sunk by a mine in 1945, explore it on a scuba-diving expedition.

Sample the seafood

This part of Istria is renowned for the quality of its shellfish. In particular, look out for oysters from the Limski Canal – you’ll struggle to find better.

Gaze at the stars

A short journey from Novigrad, the village of Visnjan is famous for its observatory. There’s little light pollution here, making it an ideal place to stargaze.