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Holidays in Belgium

Holidays in Belgium

easyJet holidays do not offer holidays in Bruges. For an alternative city break click here >

Journey into the past, get up close with artistic masterpieces and indulge in delicious food and drink. It’s no surprise that Belgium is such a popular destination for holidaymakers. Groups of friends can indulge in delicious Belgian beer and party in Brussels. Art lovers can see some of the works on display in Belgium’s museums. History buffs can soak up a bygone era by wandering around the characterful streets of Bruges. There’s something for everyone here. Many holidaymakers simply choose to visit Belgium to tuck into great food. When mussels and chips, Belgian waffles and rich chocolates are on offer, it’s easy to understand why.

One of the best ways of visiting Belgium is on a city break. You’ll feel like you're stepping back in time as you wander around the medieval streets of Brussels. It’s a great place for souvenir hunting or admiring the 13th century buildings which surround the Grand Place square. Many holidaymakers consider Bruges to be Belgium’s biggest gem though. Bruges’ old town area is a UNESCO World Heritage site and you’ll soon understand why there are comparisons with Venice. Hop aboard a boat and ride along the canals, as you get a tour of the city. Gent is another popular Belgian destination. Its historic medieval town is perfect for an afternoon stroll. If you’re simply looking to relax, then why not head to Belgium’s coastline during the summer months.

Top Belgium resorts


Whether you’re looking for a non-stop tour of tourist sites or a relaxing city break, Brussels has got something for you. You can take it easy by wandering around the medieval streets, enjoying a beer in one of Brussels’ excellent bars or lounging around in the pretty local parks. But there are also plenty of top attractions to see in Brussels. Admire the Belgian Royal Palace and the imposing Grand Palace central square.


Many holidaymakers head to Belgium to discover the charm of Bruges. After just a few hours here, you’ll see why millions visit Bruges every year. Little seems to have changed in the medieval streets of Bruges for hundreds of years. The Halle bell tower and equally striking Basilica of the Holy Blood are reminders of the city’s past. Take advantage of Bruges’ canal network by enjoying a romantic boat ride.


If you’re still in search of more history and culture in Belgium, then Antwerp is another top destination. Whether you’re out on the streets or tucked into a museum, Antwerp is a great place to visit. There are gems around every corner, with some splendid buildings and streets to have a peek at. You can even have a look at some real gems by visiting Antwerp’s huge diamond museum.

Things to Do in Belgium

Exploring Belgium

Visit Ypres

One of the most moving sites in Belgium is found in the medieval town of Ypres. This was the sight of one of the bloodiest battles of the First World War and it’s a haunting, yet fascinating, experience. Thousands of graves pay tribute to the young men who lost their lives in Ypres. There are more names honoured on the Menin Gate Memorial. The Last Post is sounded beneath the gate every evening.


There’s an element of a ‘child in a sweet shop’ for art lovers in Belgium. Culture is extremely important to the locals here and you’ll find many attractions dedicated to art, music and literature. Many masterpieces can be found in the galleries of Antwerp. The Museum of Modern Art is particularly popular. Alternatively, head to Brussels and visit the Royal Museum of Fine Arts.

Beer tasting

One of Belgium’s most famous exports is its beer and you’d be daft to miss out on the local tipple. There are plenty of breweries that you can take a tour around and learn the secrets of their great grog. De Halve Maan, in Bruges, has been running since the 16th century and the tour conveniently ends in a tavern. At night, you can sample more beer in Belgium’s vibrant nightlife scene. There are tons of bars, clubs and pubs in both Brussels and Bruges.

Beaches in Belgium

More than 40 miles of sandy coastline is split between 15 resorts at the Belgian seaside. There’s everything you’d expect from beach resorts - sailing, fishing, ball games, surfing and horse-riding. The sandy beaches are ideal for kids and there are plenty of lifeguards keeping a close eye on the fun. Why not hire a bike and take a tour of the coast?

Food and drink in Belgium

Belgian cuisine

Sweet toothed holidaymakers will be in heaven in Belgium. It’s a chocoholic’s paradise. It seems like there are chocolatiers on every street corner. You’ll find the usual milk, dark and white varieties available, along with more unusual flavours such as basil or wasabi. Make sure you ask for a free sample if you’re struggling to decide which to pick. You should also indulge in the famous Belgian waffle. One of the tastiest dishes here is moules-frites - a giant bowl of fresh mussels accompanied by French Fries.

Restaurants in Belgium

There are top-notch eateries for all budgets in Belgium. You can dig into a hearty portion of moules-frites for just a few euros in a traditional Belgian tavern. But if you’re looking to splash the cash, then you’ll stumble across plenty of Michelin starred restaurants in Bruges.