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Hikers’ paradise in Majorca

Nestled inland among mountains on the northwest coast of Majorca, the town of Soller is a true getaway from the daily grind. Despite being just 3 kilometres from the sea, it offers respite from the more tourist-oriented Port de Soller and the island’s other nearby beach towns. So lace up your walking shoes and get ready to breathe easy on Soller holidays Tiny streets lined by sandstone houses with green shutters await those who arrive in this historic town.

The central Plaça Constitució is filled with appealing cafés and bars, where you can enjoy a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice from fruit harvested from the town’s famous orchards. Then take a vintage tram to the port, where the Mediterranean laps against the coast, or head into the hills for a hike – holidays to Soller promise an irresistible combination of seaside fun and mountain adventures.

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Your Soller questions, answered

There’s the imposing Church of Sant Bartomeu, renovated by a disciple of Gaudí, among other architectural highlights. You’ll also find the Can Prunera modernist art museum, and a natural history museum.
As well as plenty of Spanish restaurants serving fantastic tapas, Soller is known for its citrus and olive groves, so be sure to sample the local produce.
The big Es Firo festival happens in May, while other summer fiestas celebrate various saints. If your visit coincides with any of these, you can expect concerts, bonfires and dancing.

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