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Holidays in Deia

Travel Information

A sleepy coastal village in the Sierra de Tramunanta Mountains on Majorca’s beautiful northern coast, Deià is a relaxing beach getaway that’s only an hour from Paloma Airport. An ideal blend of tranquil and practical.

Surrounded by the Sierra de Tramunata mountain range – visitors love the breathtaking views over the Mediterranean Sea. In Deiå you get a less touristy Majorca experience than you might on the island’s south. So as well as that famous climate, you’ve got a fantastic location to unwind. Some might want to explore the coast’s secluded coves or head up the hills for a hike. Others will just want to experience the ultimate in relaxation.

Deia holidays let you go at your own pace.

Top Deià resorts

Cala de Deià

Follow the Torrent Major river around its many twists and turns through the steep sided valleys of lemon trees and olive groves, until it opens out into the Mediterranean Sea at the breathtaking Cala de Deià – the closest beach to the centre of Deià. This small pebble cove is nestled between cliffs in a sheltered inlet, with its crystal clear waters and rock pools making it perfect for snorkelling. There are also two beachfront restaurants at the cove, built into the rock face of the surrounding hillsides, which provide excellent views out across the sea, and serve excellent local cuisine – the ideal place to stop for dinner after a day at the beach. 

Puerto Soller

The nearest major town, just a short drive (or bike ride) along the windy coastal roads, is Puerto Soller. Not much bigger than Deià, this quaint town is nestled into a small bay, with a picturesque harbour and a small stretch of sandy beach. There are lots of boutique shops, restaurants, and traditional bars along the seafront promenade, as well as the beautiful Serra de Tramuntana Park to explore. There are a number of excellent walks and bike trails in the hills surrounding the town, but the best is definitely the coastal walk along the cliff edges to the Torre Picada watchtower, which has stood guard over the town since 1622.


Another town close to Deià that’s perfect for a day trip is Valldemossa. One of the prettiest villages in Majorca, its narrow streets and lanes are lined with traditional houses made from blonde stone, and lush green gardens. Many of the doorways in Valldemossa feature a religious symbol of the town’s patron saint, Saint Catalina Thomàs, who is said to protect the inhabitants from harm – a tradition going back centuries.

The main attraction at Valldemossa is the town’s 13th-century monastery, which has links to the composer Frederic Chopin, but there are also lots of boutique shops, art galleries, and gift shops to explore. Many traditional family bakeries are still open in the town, which serves a special local delicacy, ‘coca de patata’, which roughly translates to ‘potato cake’. This cake is commonly eaten with a coffee or a thick hot chocolate and is a favourite with locals.

Hotels in Deia

Valldemossa | Majorca | Spain

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double room / single room, Bed and breakfast

£ 302.47

per person


Things to Do in Deia

Exploring Deià…

Have a Day by the Beach

There are plenty of beaches and coves dotted along the picturesque coastline surrounding Deià, each one like a hidden paradise waiting to be explored. Aside from the beautiful little cove at Cala de Deià, there is also the Lluc-Alcari or Platja de Lluc Alcari beach, its name translating to ‘house of the forest’. This pebble beach is tranquil and secluded, with crystal clear waters that, like those at Cala de Deià, are perfect for snorkelling. It’s traditional amongst locals here to cover themselves with special mineral-rich mud found by a fig tree where a stream runs into the sea, which is said to have rejuvenating properties. Lay back on a rock, waiting for the mud to soak in, smelling the pine-scented breeze from the surrounding forests, before washing it off in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.

Get Immersed in Nature

The Sierra de Tramunanta Mountains which surround Deià are designated a Unesco World Heritage Site for their outstanding natural beauty, and one of the best ways to see the mountains is by hiking or bike riding. There are hundreds of footpaths, bike trails, and bridleways in the area, which often travel through forested valleys to secluded coves or mountain peaks with stunning panoramic views.

Food and Drink in Deià

From world-class Michelin starred restaurants and Mediterranean fusion cooking, to authentic Majorcan tapas, there’s something for everyone. Most restaurants and eateries are family-owned and are run with a real passion and flair.

Going to Deià with easyJet Holidays

Holidays to Deià and the surrounding area are perfect for holidaymakers looking for a relaxing getaway, and an authentic slice of Majorcan life. With its relaxed atmosphere, beautiful scenery, quaint villages, and excellent dining opportunities, there’s few who could refuse its charm.

If you book your holiday to Deià with easyJet holidays, you’ll be sure to get the best deal possible, as you can save on your holiday when you book your flight and hotel together.