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At your hotel

Enjoying your stay with one of our trusted hotels

While our customer safety team are working hard with out trusted hotel partners to make sure they meet our standards, its important that you play your part too. Here are some important things to be mindful of when at your hotel

Our customer safety teams work continuously with our hotel partners to make sure that the hotels, their facilities and operations meet our expectations and standards, however like all environments, there is a need for you to be aware of the hazards so that you can take best care of yourself and others.

Make sure that your children are always supervised.

In bright sunlight it’s hard to tell if large windows or glass doors are open or shut so please double check.

Marble and tiled floors can be very slippery, please watch you step.

If self-catering, please make sure you know how to use the appliances and be sure to turn them off properly before you leave the room, go out or go to bed.

Another great source of information to help you decide and plan for your holiday can be found here on ABTA’s website. They cover travel money, lone travellers, greener travel, vaccinations and how to avoid travel related fraud.

For some destinations you'll need to have had specific vaccinations with enough time before you go - check the NHS website. For up to date travel health information that covers everything else health wise you might want to consider in choosing your destination, visit the UK Government’s Travel Health Pro website.

If you’re travelling with a disability, health or mental health condition and can’t find the information you need to help you decide, please talk to us. We understand that not every destination or hotel works for everyone and so if you have any questions or concerns get in touch and we'll be only too happy to help guide you to your perfect holiday

If you take regular medication it's worth planning ahead to make sure you have enough to cover you for your holiday and a bit extra to cover any unforeseen circumstances.

Having the right insurance is vital and it’s best to have it in place as soon as you book your holiday, so you're covered in the build up to your time away as well as once you're there. Consider the activities and adventures you might want to do and have when your there so that everyone travelling is comprehensively covered. The UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) or the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) only entitles you to basic state medical care in participating countries and won’t help get you home, so if you plan to do some water sports or even just a bus trip to the local markets, check that your policy will cover you.

You can get your insurance with our partner Columbus, or from any reputable supplier. Take the details with you and leave a copy with someone you trust at home just in case.


Some destinations have attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community which may be different to those in the UK and so you may want to check this. You can visit the FCDO website for further advice.