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Staying safe while exploring the sights

We want you to let your hair down, relax and enjoy the local delights. However, things may work a little differently at the destinations you may be travelling to, so its good to think about how you can do things safely in an unfamiliar environment.

If you’re going to drive while abroad, please remember that driving conditions will likely differ from those you experience and expect at home. These variations could be anything from local law and customs and vehicle types, to road conditions and traffic signs. Make sure you’re aware of all these differences before you go on holiday, and certainly before you drive.

Important points to note when driving:

  • Familiarise yourself with the rules: ensure you’re aware of the driving regulations in your destination – check out the AA website for some helpful pointers
  • Make sure the car rental company you’re booking with is reputable
  • Make sure you have the correct documentation
  • Take your driver’s licence with you
  • Ensure your payment card has enough funds for the deposit on your vehicle
  • Please understand what damage waiver or excess is included. You must be comfortable with being able to make the excess payment in the event of damage
  • Check the rules on fuel, and whether you get a full tank to start and how you need to return the vehicle
  • We recommend that you take a picture or video of the all-around and underneath the vehicle before driving away
  • Always wear a seatbelt and never drink and drive
  • Always carry emergency/breakdown telephone numbers

Important things to note as a pedestrian:

  • Be aware that in some countries traffic isn't required to stop at pedestrian crossings
  • When walking on unpaved or unlit roads during the hours of darkness, use a torch
  • Never walk alone at night
Due to the risks involved and the number of serious injuries to tourists each year, we do not recommend the rental and use of quad bikes, motorbikes or mopeds.

Your holiday is your time to relax and enjoy, however, wherever you are in the world, there are some things that you should remember to keep yourself and your possessions safe.

  • Avoid carrying excessive money or wearing too much jewellery when you’re out and about. Keep valuables close to you at all times.
  • Avoid any areas that are poorly lit and always try and walk in pairs or groups.
  • In some countries, traffic isn’t required to stop at pedestrian crossings, so stay alert.
  • Before going out, always consider your route back to the hotel and what you’d do if you become separated from your family/friends. Put your hotel name and address in your phone when you first arrive.
  • Avoid confrontational situations and any large gatherings of people, such as demonstrations and protests.
  • Use licensed taxis, and never accept a lift from an unlicensed taxi or a stranger.
  • Think very carefully whether you should leave the venue or event you’re at with someone you’ve just met.
  • Don’t invite someone you don’t know back to your room or accommodation.
  • In any busy venues, take time to check for fire exits and follow all emergency instructions in the event of an incident.
  • If you feel threatened by anyone, stay calm and try to be firm and direct with them.
  • If you feel like you’re in danger or remotely uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to draw attention to yourself. Make others aware that you feel threatened, even by shouting if needed.
If you are the victim of a crime, report the matter to the local authorities and call our team.

Remember that alcohol and drug use not only increases any risk of accidents and injuries, but can also invalidate travel insurance claims you make.

If a stranger or someone you don’t entirely trust offers you a drink, never accept it. You should also never share or exchange your drinks with anyone.

Keep your drink with you at all times or nominate a friend/member of your travelling party to keep an eye on your drinks.

Remember, alcohol will dehydrate you. Keep track of the amount that you’re drinking and alternate with a glass of water. 

Recreational drugs are likely to be illegal in your destination, and law enforcement for drug use and possession can be severe.

The quality of local spirits varies greatly, so where possible, try and buy well-known brands.

If you’re offered a lift from an unlicensed taxi, a stranger or someone you don’t completely trust, never accept it. Please agree the price for your destination before you set off.

If you’re getting in a taxi, make sure to share it with a friend. Always sit in the back of the vehicle, and if you speak to the driver, make sure you don’t share anything you wouldn’t want to or provide any personal details.

A holiday may present opportunities to try or take part in a number of different fun, exciting and enriching experiences. These can range from a horse drawn carriage ride through the city at night to parasailing, from quad bikes to gorge walking. Different activities carry different levels of risk with them, here are some things to remember before you buy an experience.

  • Go to established tour providers at the hotel or at your destination
  • Read reviews on the providers and experiences
  • Only choose experiences that are suitable for everyone that will be taking part
  • Do not exceed your physical capabilities
  • Recognise that there is a higher risk with motorised experiences, e.g. mopeds, quad bikes etc. Particular care should be taken if you are considering motorised excursions. Check any vehicle before you use it
  • Always wear helmets or personal protective equipment where provided
  • Cliff jumping is dangerous, whether organised or not
  • Make sure your travel insurance covers the experience

You can book a huge range of exciting tours and experiences through our partner Musement. You can find out more about what they’ve got to offer here.

Don’t forget – if you or easyJet holidays cancel or make any changes to your holiday, you’ll need to speak to Musement directly about any tours/experiences you have booked. Your tours/experiences will not automatically change or cancel, and the easyJet holidays customer team will not be able to assist with this. Find out more about how to do this here.

easyJet holidays do not sell or offer any other tours or experiences locally in destinations other than those bookable through Musement. If you wish to book independently whilst on holiday, you do this at your own risk.