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Choosing your holiday

Choosing your holiday

Selecting your destination and hotel with easyJet holidays is almost as exciting as the holiday itself, and gives you something to look forward to. When looking for that perfect trip, it helps to know what to expect and how things may be different to make sure it’s right for you and your group.

There's a lot to consider when it comes to where you may want to go on holiday, and thinking about all the different things the different destinations offer. Do you want to pick somewhere hot and close to the beach in a familiar country, or do you want to head somewhere totally new and fully embrace the local culture?

Head to our destination pages for the perfect starting place to get inspired and find out more, such as local information, where to visit and the best things to do. Please also look at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) website before booking as it offers up to date travel advice for all of our destinations on local laws, customs, entry requirements, cultural differences and so much more. 

Another great source of information to help you decide and plan for your holiday can be found here on ABTA’s website. They cover travel money, lone travellers, greener travel, vaccinations and how to avoid travel related fraud.

At easyJet holidays your safety is the most important thing to us so we only ever sell holidays to destinations where the FCDO advises is safe and where travel is permitted. We work closely with partners at home and in destination to ensure our hotels and the resorts meet our safety standards and these are reviewed regularly.

For some destinations you'll need to have had specific vaccinations well before your holiday. You can check the NHS website for up to date travel health information that covers everything else health wise you might want to consider in choosing your destination. You can also visit the UK Government’s Travel Health Pro website.

If you or anyone on your booking is travelling with a disability, health or mental health condition and can’t find the information you need to help you decide, please talk to us. We understand that not every destination or hotel works for everyone, so if you have any questions or concerns get in touch and we'll be only too happy to help guide you to your perfect holiday.

If you take regular medication it's worth planning ahead to make sure you have enough to cover you for your holiday and a bit extra to cover any unforeseen circumstances.

Having the right insurance is vital and it’s best to have it in place as soon as you book your holiday, so you're covered in the build up to your time away as well as once you're there. Consider the activities and adventures you might want to do and have when your there so that everyone travelling is comprehensively covered. The UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) or the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) only entitles you to basic state medical care in participating countries and won’t help get you home, so if you plan to do some water sports or even just a bus trip to the local markets, check that your policy will cover you.

You can get your insurance with our partner Columbus, or from any reputable supplier. Take the details with you and leave a copy with someone you trust at home just in case.

Some destinations have attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community which may be different to those in the UK and so you may want to check this. You can visit the FCDO website for further advice.

Woohoo. You’re going on holiday!  Now that you’ve taken advantage of what easyJet holidays has to offer, it’s never too early to start planning. As demand for holidays grow, so does demand for everything else you may need.

  • Get insurance
  • Book and get vaccinations
  • Get enough medication to cover the trip and a bit more, just in case
  • Book the kennels for the pets
  • Get the spending money exchanged
  • Check your passports for your trip dates
  • Check entry visas and health requirements
  • Plan your airport journey so you're there in plenty of time for the flight